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Created: 2009-02-07 17:34:26
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We wanted to take this time to introduce you to our NEWEST CONTEST (though it cannot be found in contest area!)!!!

We are asking members to get creative. Grab your trusty video camera, web cam, phone cam... or anything that allows you to RECORD! We can even accept Flash and ActionScripting!

Grab that and start shooting! We need step by step videos on the how to's of points2shop/cashle. We would love a video taking you from signing up to completing your first offer. However, ALL step by step how to video's are welcome. This can be a 'How to signup' or a 'How to complete an offer' or 'How to race' or even 'How to use the forums', 'How to spend points' and 'How to place a manual order'. Anything that you can think of that would aid new members would be a great help!

Please remember when making your video that these will be seen by members who have never heard of points2shop/cashle. Some of these people may not have even heard of any type of site like points2shop/cashle. So what you may know (Like only use real information) may not be known by the user viewing your video so you will have to put that in there for them.

After you have directed your own movie on the 'How To' of points2shop, we ask that you upload it to youtubeMetaCafe, Revvo, or another free video share website. Please remember to keep your RAW video. Even after uploading; keep your raw video file so that if you're picked we can place it on the website for new members.
When you are done uploading your video; you should also post the link on this forum so that we can view it to see if you're the winner!

Oh! The prizes! All members who submit a qualifying video will have their username AND video viewable for everyone to see on the website, and of course our grattitude. However, if you are one of the top three video submitters, you get a little extra.

First place video maker will receive 1500 points (Or $15.00)
Second place is entitled to 1000 points (Or $10.00)
Third place will receive 500 points (or $5.00)


Contest is over!

Hello Members,

We wanted to release the winners of the video contest!! We watched tons and tons of videos that were all great. You made it really hard for us to choose who won what. You made it SO hard that we have EIGHT winners, we just couldn't choose only three.

First winner with 1500 points - tkavil3
Second winner with 1000 points - Pyrojoe
Third winner with 500 points - chiman10

Because we loved the videos so much we also have FIVE members who won 250 points each:


All winners will be paid as soon as possible.

Be sure to check out everyones entries by viewing the contest thread here.

We wanted to thank EVERYONE who has participated, and congratulate the winners!! You have supplied us with awesome work that any new member would love to view.

The Extra money network Team.
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Suggestion: Use an offer like quiz rocket, so that you can end the video with the points going up on the p2s page.
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Yeh, good idea, but the only problem is that with me and a few other members being UK, we dont have easy, quick crediting offers to do...but I will try ;)
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We can show different movies for UK & US, more time, but if we want to make movies it probably needs to fit the people who create it.

Pyro, I can give you access to the USA offers so you can actually check them out etc.

Also, what would be better: Movies or maybe a flash slideshow?
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Matjong: You mean just look at them or actually complete the offer and get the points :D

Also...yeh im gonna update my 1st post.
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When is it going to start PM about that.
This post has been deleted.
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Thats a great idea!
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I'm in for helping make video. I have a Macbook with the webcam, so it would be easy for me to take pictures of stuff I have received I guess...
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a beautiful idea, Pyro. Let me know if you need editing help. I'm an AV editor,so I'm not as much help with the talent. But I can make videos look and sound great (within limitations of source material).

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