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Points2Shop Forums » P2S Surveys and Offers » Vampire me and Zombie me offer
Created: 2010-10-23 05:53:51
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How in the world do you download and install those 2 offers? I dont see anywhere that says "download here" or anything like that... Anyway, I did both of them, and.. all i get is to just to make myself look like a zombie or vampire on the next page... Thats it. After that... I waited like 5 mins, then clicked complete. Nearly an hour later.. doesn't approve.. what in the world?
CA silver
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some take longer then others to approve and if theyre from the same group it may not work. if two or more sites are from a similar company or source you should do them on seperate days
2010-08-21 09:46:44
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Neither do I! :/ I'm waiting for somebody to help me out with this offer before I attempt it!
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I did it over a week ago, didn't approve. (vampire one)
Retried it a couple days ago, didn't approve.
I'm pretty sure I did all it said. I usually don't click complete until I do.

Have you tried sending a ticket?
I'm going to go thru all my "retry after 1 week" offers and retry them, I think some just won't approve at all.
2010-08-18 14:14:04
US (IA) silver
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Same problem. I did it and it never approved. I even zombied like 8 people lol. But it was weird because when I was in Internet Explorer and clicked on it, it automatically opened in chrome. IDK why it would do that. I think its glitchy
2010-10-22 09:29:16
US (CA) platinum
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I did the vampire me offer in internet explorer and in that browser, it gave me a download link, I downloaded the toolbar, installed it, marked it as complete, but it never approve. So just to tell everyone, those offers only work in internet explorer.
Spencer Cheung
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omg i hate this offer ive been downloading it for over a year now i know to download it in ie thanks rvbutcker

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