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Created: 2010-10-22 15:24:22
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i really need help/tips on how/where to get referrals ive tried a variety of places and have 25 impressions and no referrals. I would appreciate it if somebody would help
2010-10-05 12:16:37
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Most people don't give out refferal advice. All I can offer you is:

It's pretty simple to use. It's like this site, but for refs- good luck.
2010-07-09 06:47:40
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i have 155 impression and only 6 sign ups... and none of them are active :[
i don't really put time into it, but you can sign up to different forum sites and put your banner as your signature, make a website, make videos, use your facebook, twitter, myspace, etc to lure ppl in. If you are 100% dedicated to this, then you will get referrals.
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Getting Chatty
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Oh! I forgot making your own website! helps you make your own site by them letting you use their domain. You can even attatch google adsenses- if people click on those you get money =^)
2010-07-09 06:47:40
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I feel your pain ive made 90+ impressions and got 11 referrals of which none are active, i feel really rubbish about it and it 75% puts me off everything, ce la vie, if i get better at it ill be sure to help u okay x

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