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Points2Shop Forums » News, Announcements & Contests » 10-22-10 to 10-28-10 Contest
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Created: 2010-10-22 13:41:42
US (TX) admin
Total posts: 6394
Total Earnings: $6071.98
I will ask random questions in the shoutbox about Anything!

*Along with random question about Cash/P2S*Which are bonus questions*

The First Member to POST the Correct answer in this Forum will win a few points.

Rules: Please only post after I ask a question in the shoutbox :)
  • Any post found to be considered spam will be deleted without question
  • Again the questions will be random and asked ONLY in the shoutbox in red text
  • One post per five post
  • Be sure after you post your answer once do not post again, this will cause a problem with posting and the comment will be deleted

The bonus questions can be found on Cashle/P2S if you just "LOOK" for the answer!

Each question will be asked in "RED"

Rewards: Random question 25 points~Bonus question 50 or 100 points

I will also post to let everyone know that's the end of that question and post the winners name along with the amount of points won. This contest could last a long time depending on how well the posting goes in the forums.

I will keep total of everything won and payouts will be in points and you should receive them at the END of All Contest held by me this WEEK

Anyone on this list, remember you will receive points on Tuesday so please don't cry about me forgetting to payout

caleyfan1 wins 100 points
lacrimosaangel wins 150 points
Jahromi24 wins 100 points
romxuk wins 100 points
channelle93 wins 75 points
fredrych wins 300 points
medic77777 wins 75 points
Ldparker75 wins 50 points
UK platinum
Junior Poster
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Date of Birth: 1990-09-04
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like the idea :D
2010-10-02 12:06:28
US (WI) silver
Used to the forums
Total posts: 50
Date of Birth: 1994-12-21
Total Earnings: $37.28
sounds like fun, i can't wait to start
2010-08-25 14:45:06
CA new
My first post
Total posts: 1
Date of Birth: Unknown
Oh boy this sounds fun. How hard are the questions going to be?
2010-04-23 16:36:09
US silver
Getting Chatty
Total posts: 16
ok that sounds like a good idea
2010-10-04 18:18:48
UK gold
Points2shop is my specialty
Total posts: 1263
Date of Birth: 1995-06-21
Total Earnings: $48.24
yay i won
UK bronze
Am I spamming?
Total posts: 292
Date of Birth: 1994-08-28
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woo! :)
US (IL) gold
Used to the forums
Total posts: 30
Date of Birth: 1991-08-18
Total Earnings: $3.44
Congrats to everyone who won :)
US gold
Senior Poster
Total posts: 126
Total Earnings: $45.48
Congrats to everyone who won!
BE admin
Master Of Posts
Total posts: 10400
Date of Birth: 1981-03-18
Total Earnings: $196.84
Well done winners :)

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