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Points2Shop Forums » News, Announcements & Contests » Over 60 New Smileys Added to Shoutbox
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Created: 2010-10-18 16:24:59
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Why stop now?
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We have added about 70 new smileys and fun icons to the shoutbox!

See the Shoutbox Help page to learn how to add each new icon. That's the Help button above the shoutbox, then the Smileys/Emoticons link. In addition to the new smiles, winks, and emotions, there are a bunch of new icons, like gift, ghost, and robot. We hope that these will be fun!

All of the new icons follow a simple format, just a keyword inside ::, like : rainbow: :rainbow: or : alien: :alien: and they can also be used in forums and messages.

Feedback is welcome, if there is something else in the icon set (see below) that should be added, or if something should be removed - let us know!

If you voted in JayTylor's smilies poll, unfortunately the winning icons were not licensed for use on commercial web sites. Also, all the details in them were lost when we tried to scale them down to the right size for the shoutbox. The new icons are from the outstanding Fugue icon set by Yusuke Kamiyamane, used under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

:blue: :confused: :cool: :cry: :eek: :evil: :evilgrin: :fat: :greed: :green: :grin: :kiss: :kitty: :lol: :mad: :nervous: :neutral: :red: :rolleyes: :sad: :sleep: :slim: :small: :smile: :surprise: :sweat: :tongue: :wink: :yell: :zip: :alien: :bag: :bug: :cake: :check: :clouds: :cookie: :crown: :eye: :food: :ghost: :gift: :heart: :lifesaver: :light: :lightning: :moon: :note: :note2: :note3: :rainbow: :ring: :robot: :rocket: :snow: :snowman: :sun: :thumbdown: :thumbup: :umbrella: :wand: :water: :x: :yinyang:
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'beyond smiles' spelling error or purpose messageing? :)

EDIT: I understand there not smilies but maybe something like 'Extras' would be more suitable?
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They are awesome
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Can we have a :facepalm: icon please? I use xD all the time when I do something silly, it would be good to have an icon for it!
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Hammer icon would be good (and i know its in the p2s database somewhere) :p
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Why stop now?
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I'm not sure how far down the road it is, but the next time the shoutbox is updated, it will include a small button above the message box to show and let you choose smileys easier. We wanted to get the new icons up first since it is so highly requested :) oops, i mean :smile:
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Love Mr. Green :green:

Lovin' the new smilies! :thumbup:
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I play video games alot so I'm going to have to like the alien: smiley! :)
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Sweeeeeeeeet! :thumbup:
2010-10-02 01:08:31
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nice :cookie:

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