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Created: 2010-10-07 16:47:00
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basicly people get jealus and flag them. so always back up your videos.
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i think someone has gone through youtube on their own and flagged them to remove some of the competition. i tested a few things out and anything to do with p2s gets removed. i uploaded videos that had almost nothing to do with p2s but they had my reflink in the description. those got removed too. again backing up my theory that someone is going through and flagging the competition cuz my old ones that were harder to find stayed up longer.bigknee

I agree with you. A user messaged about a month ago and started posting a bunch of BS comments on my Videos like "SCAM" and "He is just going to make money off of you!"

I logged on a couple of days ago and the video that was getting me the most refs was "VIOLATING YOUTUBE TERMS AND POLICY" and wouldnt you know it, the SOB that posted all toughs comments messaged me with a titled "HAHA" with no content...

Ugh :(

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