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Created: 2010-09-19 13:08:13
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another great way that i found to get referrals, is by following loads and loads of people on twitter, were talking thousands. and then in recent twitter polls, 1 in 10 people that you follow follow back. so make loads of followers, and then post about p2s.

youll be bound to get a few referrals through this way

hop this helped
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hmm.... that sounds really interesting... ill give it a try and tell you if i get any refs
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lol, i tried this. got about 2200 followers, then mentioned my ref link a few times, got about 15 impressions, 1 signup, from wrong country. I wont be wasting my time with twitter anymore, but i wish y'all luck with it.
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I did this got my account froze after first tweet about P2S and it took forever to get 1000 followers because they set limits on how many people you can follow and how fast you can follow waste of time for me.
2010-07-22 23:23:29
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ok, please keep posting how it worked for you,
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can u putmy referal lik on your twitter
2010-09-28 19:48:36
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i tried this with no luck, i also tried facebook and myspace but didn't get anywhere,it was just a waist of time... lol
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the twitter tactic isnt new and been out their for a while but, it involves alot of work to get it going, i personally never used it since it wasnt quite proffiting.. spending 3 days.. getting barely 1 signup after wards

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