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Created: 2010-08-07 09:09:00
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I've recently looked in the Suggestions section and saw an interesting one about awarding the Best members of Points2shop in various areas.
This "Contest" Is basically me choosing a member I think is the Points2shop Star!

Heres how it works on random occations I will choose a member to get a Points2shop Star award, You will get a lovely Points bonus and an exclusive banner to put in your signature so that everyone will know of your achievement!

Winning is easy! all you have to do is be helpful and friendly, yep thats all, NO Quizzes, NO Guessing, Just be helpful :)

07.08.10: AbbyAW: 100 Points!
Abby is a very helpful member of Points2shop. I often check up on points2shop and often I will see Abby helping members in the shoutbox which is why its a great honour to give her the Points2shop Star Award!

12.01.11: Romxuk: 100 Points!
Romxuk has been a member for around 9 months (at the time of posting), whenever I've seen this member they have always been very polite and helpful to all members in the shoutbox and in the forum, which is why I'm awarding him the Points2shop Star Award!

This is an EXAMPLE of the banner the winners will get
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Well, I'm too low profile to win this award I think :p
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so you will randomly pick someone no quizes right?
2010-06-07 18:36:40
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cool how are you going to pick pepole ??
2010-05-17 10:49:12
CA silver
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Sounds pretty cool. How exactly do you qualify?
2010-02-16 01:16:29
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wow sounds awesome

thx to angus suggestion (:
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yh, how are people gonna get picked, is it random, or will you tell us to do something and the first person to do it will get the award, how is it gonna work?
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what do we have to do?? be as awesome as you?
US (FL) moderator
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thanks bunches AGM so i gets a cool sig :D
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hey do you have to sign up er sumtin or will it like be completely random? plz and ty
2010-08-04 05:25:03

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