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Created: 2010-07-29 05:21:47
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Not sure if these offers were already posted but..

[ATR] Which Greek God Are You?
[ATR] Naruto
For ATR Offers:
1. Complete the quiz
2. Fill out your info (name, email, and phone number)
3. Click Score My Quiz at the bottom. ( I think that's what it says D: )
After you click score my quiz, it takes you to the
results page, wait 2 minutes, then mark it complete.

*[ATR] Which Greek God Are You? took about a hour or so to approve, so just be patient, it should approve :)

  • I used yahoo mail for these offers.
HighPaidJobsNow - Real Job Results now!

After you fill out your info, keep skipping till you reach the page that shows jobs in your area.

Smarter Quotes - $10,000 Giveaway

I've done this offer plenty of times, and never got it approved, but this offer only works with ex.
Enter your info, then check your email, and click the activation link inside the email, took about a couple of minutes to approve..

Need any help, just PM me. :)

Hope this helps :)
2010-01-31 01:17:01
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OMG Thank you for this advice I got Smarter Quotes to approve with hotmail, and [ADR] Greek God thanks for the offer suggestions.
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Hmmmm, the Naruto one didnt give me credit
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I did the greek god one. i reached the results page and all and it didn't credit. When am i gona learn to do them right? =(
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here's clicky versions to help you out :D

[ATR] Which Greek God Are You? :

[ATR] Naruto:

HighPaidJobsNow - Real Job Results :

Smarter Quotes - $10,000 Giveaway :
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Why stop now?
Total posts: 823
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The ATR- Which Greek God are you? didn't approve for me :/

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