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Points2Shop Forums » P2S Surveys and Offers » 7 ways to stay Motivated on P2S!!
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Created: 2010-07-13 13:37:44
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We all have those moments where we feel like giving up on points2shop, those moments where we feel that doing offers is a waste of time, those moments when all we feel like doing is begging gold+ members for points to donate us points cuz we're to lazy to do offers or surveys, well here are 7 easy ways to stay movtivated on points2shop

1. While doing an offer..Multitask:

Admit it, its boring staring at the computer screen and clicking over 100 "Skip" and "No Thanks" buttons. During most offers i'm usually listening to music or glancing at my tv every loading page. This trick "Mentally" speeds up the offer process. Listening to music on youtube or your mp3 player also distracts you(especially when your singing along) so singing along with songs while doing offers, make the offer zoom by! Another fun tip is, i like to click the "yes" "no" circles to the sound of the beat(TRY IT ITS FUN)

2. Creating Several EMAILS at once:

If you hate making a new email everytime you clear your cookies, just save your self the trouble by making 20 email addresses at the same time and copy and paste them all into notepad. That way everytime you clear your cookies, you can just open up Notepad, take a email you havn't used yet and just use it for the upcoming offer/s.
EXAMPLE: open the sign up page for in 20 different tabs, create a user name and password for all of them SIMPLE(takes 5-10 minutes of your time)

3.Referring Trouble:

Can't seem to get the referrals you want huh? well tough cookies, referrals are hard to get, so don't stress your self by thinking "i'm never gonna get any points because i don't have any referrals", most of you users use sites such as facebook myspace and twitter, and i'm sure most of you has a friend or two that wouldn't mind at least signing up and getting you $1.00 referral credit. So the key to this is DON'T BE SHY TO ASK FRIENDS


I do this all the time, sometimes i wake up in the morning with no plans confirmed, and i say i plan to complete at least 11 offers today, or I plan to complete 1 offer every 2 hours. Doing this will have your points stacking up in no time. Sometimes i talk to my self(we all do this) and say I got to go to work today, and i come home with 5 dollars(points2shop style) so if pretending that points2shop is your work place keeps you motivated so be it, no one knows but you.

5. Make your Goal Mean something!:

If you have a goal thats points away from what you currently have, make sure to research that goal and make sure you really want it.
EXAMPLE: i want a video game, but the game is 60 bucks i don't feel like getting that much points especially when i want the game right now, so i add that game to my goal list, and every so often i read reviews or watch youtube videos of gameplay to remind my self how bad i actually really want it!

6. Develop friends on points2shop

Most of the Friends i have on points2shop that i actually communicate with is my fellow Teammates, we don't talk about anything special but the team lol but that can change, but if you want to stay motivated make sure you have at least a friend or two on points2shop to have conversations with discuss points and other stuff, friendly competition doesn't hurt much either, start challenging your friends saying things like "i bet i can complete more offers than you in blah amount of time" stuff like that keeps you on the site and active.

7. Visit the Proof Section of the Fourms

Everytime i go to that fourm and see that one of our members bought a playstation 3, i'm shocked and motivated, you can earn maybe 30 or 50 dollars in a month, so remember stay active !

kid out follow me
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8th way: dont think of your taget in cash like mine is £144 till elite, think of it in points as 14,000 seems much less :)
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feel free to add more tips follow me
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I agree with everything there :)
Every week I aim to make at LEAST 1000 points, often I will make over 2000 a week but it all depends if a certain daily approves often enough.

I already know what I am aiming for; a Nintendo 3DS and I KNOW I'm getting the console, but I'm always looking around each day for new screens and footage of the games I'm wanting to get :)
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I usually use the same 3 emails and it usually works *shrugs*

What's the point of creating ALL of those emails though?
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^If you use the same email for an offer from an advertiser you used that email before on, it's obvious to the advertisers you did one of their offers before..

Great List, you've just motivated me to try again. :)
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thats a pretty good list to stay motivated. i havent been on here long, but it does get a bit tedious just clicking and looking for surveys and stuff.
2010-07-07 18:10:03
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Good topic.. It's tough to stay motivated, as I seem to have an immense amount of offers not get approved.
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Good tips, and I agree, music is good to listen to during an offer :)
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great strategy imma try it next time when im working on another psn card :p
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