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Created: 2010-07-09 06:35:23
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Getting Chatty
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tyvm mod
2010-06-29 16:25:01
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I recommend members join free traffic exchange programs to promote their referral link and earn more money. There are tons on G00gle under "free traffic exchange". Before you know it, you will have a bunch of referrals and your efforts will multiply.
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yeah this might be helpful
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Try doing external offers under earn points they are easy and give you points almost instantly.
2010-07-05 14:41:21
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Thanks for the tips
2010-06-13 10:24:40
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Getting Chatty
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thanks for the tips
2010-07-11 19:45:53
UK new
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Thanks also if you cannot find what you are looking for try asking one of the more experienced members in the shoutbox!

Have fun!
2010-07-28 17:23:22
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thanks that helped a lot
2010-07-29 12:44:32
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excellent thread i thank you so much for this haha

i was wondering why i hadnt been getting approved much appreciated
2010-07-23 18:49:13
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I am not a newbie and this helpful to remind us of why our offers are not being approved. But I have always been a little confused about the emails. How often does everyone else change their emails? And I was always under the impression that our email we use for offers needs match up to our Cashle/P2S email so why would we not have to change it?

Are there any other email options beside google that are good for offers? Google is making it harder to create new emails. With verifications, etc...

Thanks for the help and the reminders.


Mary Ludolph

P.S. Your links are not working within the email. Just thought I would let you know.
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