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Created: 2010-07-09 06:35:23
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so whats a temp email exactly?
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Congratulations on finding this page!
You must likely clicked this link because you are new to Points2shop/Cashle but were overwhelmed by the amount of information you need to learn to be successful! Clear cookies? New emails? Ccleaners? what does it all mean? but don't worry, this page will explain all that and more, once you've done reading this page getting offers approved will be a breeze!

Please Read these steps BEFORECompleting any offers!
thank you

Step 1: Clear Cookies

First up we are going learn about Cookies (no not the food) but the small pockets of information stored in your internet browser.

What are Cookies?
Cookies are small pockets of data that is placed in your browser when you visit websites, these can track you on a website or store information such as a log in session.

Why Should I Clear Cookies?
as explained above, Cookies can track you on a website, So if you visit the same website again, perhaps because the advertiser has more than one offer, then you wont be seen as a new sign up and your chance of approval is near impossible.

How do I clear Cookies?
There a few options;
- Download CCLEANER Its free and safe!
- Download CookieCuller (Firefox add-on)
- Clear in Browser (CTRL, SHIFT, DELETE) in most browsers

But which option should you Choose and why?
We STRONGLY recommend using CCleaner, Its a fantastic tool that will not only let you Clear cookies but also save cookies so you don't get logged out of Points2shop, Facebook, YouTube etc when you Clear.


Step 2: Use New/Unique Emails

So the Cookie clearing is sorted, no? oh well, just don't forget to download Ccleaner ok?
Now we move on to Emails.

Why use a NEW email?
Its simple really, When you join a site you will most likely enter an email, this email is what the advertiser will use to identify you. So if you complete an offer from the same advertiser and use the same email the advertiser will see your already part of the system and they will not pay for your sign up. But if you use a NEW email your new to the advertiser and so you get approved.

Do I have to change my email on Points2shop/Cashle too?
No, the new email is for the Offers only, You don't have to change your email on Site.

Can I just use Temp Emails?
NO! Never, ever....... EVER use those emails, they are not allowed by the advertisers and you risk your offer being reversed and your account closed if you use them! Making a new email each time isn't as hard as you think, I use Yahoo personally and it take me less than a minute to make a new email

Step 3: Don't lie!

Now you should know why to Clear Cookies before each offer and why you should use New emails, but the most important thing to getting approved for offers is.................. Using Real information.

Why Use Real Information?
The Advertisers pay for your time and effort into completing their offers, they only make money from honest leads, and honest leads are member that use real information. another reason is that if you FAKE information then your account will be CLOSED! Need i say more?

I don't Want people calling me, What do i do?
No Problem, You can get a free secondary number from This will stop advertisers calling you on your main number.

What about spam mail?
Don't worry, Avertisers rarely send anything (Its costs a bomb!) but there are some rich advertiser who might send the odd letter but you can just throw this in the bin or the recycle bin if you want to save the planet!

Step 4: Don't panic!

Perhaps the single most powerful ability in the world............. having patience! Offers on Points2shop can take anywhere from several minutes to several days (and in extreme cases several MONTHS!) to approve, so dont get worried if your offer doesn't approve right away, if you've followed the advice above then you should get approved around 9/10 times which is very good!

Clear Cookies every couple offers
Use new emails
Use real information
Don't use Temporary emails
Don't panic if offers don't approve, there will always be offers that don't approve even when done right.agm1992
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Hey, thanks, awesome thread! I'm a new to Points2shop. (: and I was wondering, what do I fill in the address if I don't want to get letters in the mail? O_O cause I did some offers in the past for another game I play, and they sent me money and other stuff... >_< I don't want them to spam my mailbox. My parents freaked out when they saw that. D: Thank you.
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Thank you.
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oh i didnt know how to clear cookies before this... thanks
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so which mean that if i do 100 offers, do i need to make 100 new e-mail account???
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Am I spamming?
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This info is very useful thank you for this.
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Am I spamming?
Total posts: 313
Date of Birth: 1984-02-11
Total Earnings: $193.52
This info is very useful thank you for this.
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I've been wondering about that #4
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this really helped me

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