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Created: 2010-06-08 07:09:37
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hi i am new, and i dont know my way around this site all that well if anyone has any tips i will be glad to recieve any.
2010-06-04 12:20:50
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Hi there exodiopolis, thanks for joining! :)

Unfortunately, because of your location you won't have many offers available to you. You can, however, earn cash as a promoter by referring (signing up) people from the US, UK and CA. Click your Refer Others tab and click Refer New Users to find your referral links and banners. Have members from these the three regions specified click these links and sign up and you will earn cash.

For each member you sign up from the US and UK, you will be awarded $.50 (50 cents) and another $.50 when they complete their first offer, as long as that first offer is not a Daily Click offer. For members you sign up from CA, you will not receive $.50 for their registration, but you will receive $.20 when they complete their first offer.
After that, you will receive 15% of everything your referrals (from all countries/regions) earn when they complete offers.

You cannot receive items from Points2Shop because they can only be purchased with points, and currently only members from US, UK and CA are able to spend points. Instead, you should complete any offers you have on
Cashle is the Points2Shop sister-site and is identical in every way, but you earn cash from completing offers instead of points.
You can then withdraw your cash and spend it anywhere you like.

You can switch to and from Cashle by hitting the 'Switch' button left on top.

If you really want to do offers by yourself you can also check out INTOFFERS.COM, an international offer site with the exact same owners as Points2shop/Cashle.
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i hope you have a lot of fun and gain enough points to get your prize
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