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Points2Shop Forums » P2S Surveys and Offers » Doing same offer twice in External Offers
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Created: 2010-05-19 12:51:03
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haha why would anyone be dumb enough to try to do it twice anyways... wow
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Yeah I was wondering where I could find this topic I'm glad I found it. I think I have did a couple twice but not deliberately. Thanks for the information it is greatly appreciated. :)
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well thats not a problem for me because i havent used p2s in about 5 month. cashle all the way.

as for watching 5000 vids lol. thats is taking the biscuit and they should have the points taken back.

i beleive in a fair playing field and it really grinds my gears when people cheat.
2011-01-23 17:45:51
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Wait... Are the offers we do on P2S not hidden from us on cashle.... O_O
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It came to my attention that some people here are doing external offers twice. Once on Cashle, once on Points2Shop. Obviously this is not allowed. It's clearly written in our terms that completing the same offer twice is not allowed and it's also logic sense: The advertiser is not willing to pay twice for one user registering on their site.

As we consider duplicate signups fraud, we will reverse those earnings.Matjong

I am confused. Have I been doing this as well?

There are multiple offers from one offer group in the free offers section. Are you only allowed to do one out of each group?
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Guys, this thread was created in 2010. This shouldn't be an issue anymore like it used to be. When this was an issue, the offers that you completed on Points2shop would still appear on Cashle from the same offer wall when you switched platforms. It's no longer this way, so you should be fine.

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