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Points2Shop Forums » P2S Surveys and Offers » Doing same offer twice in External Offers
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Created: 2010-05-19 12:51:03
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I did this last night. I didnt know it wasnt allowed, just assumed thats how it was supposed to go. I was just like "cool its still there! Lets do it again!". Wont happen again. But I know I didnt sign up multiple times. I stayed logged into the same TomatoFlix account at all times. I just earned enough Tomato Flix credits to cover both sides. I actually made em all when I was doing it for cashle, then when I switched over to P2S and clicked the link again on P2S's side it credited me the 186 points out of nowhere. So I dont think that would break the terms. At least for the TomatoFlix offer.

Just glad I did em first in cashle. I only did it again it P2S cause they were so easy.
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external offers are easy to do and can have very high pay out i have already got 1444+ points from them
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matj, i can honestly say i have one done this one time with a video for 2 points thats why as soon as i seen it could be done i contacted you to make you aware of this so maybe we could get it fixed. i hope this can be fixed to take some work off of yall.
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i guess that a good idea
2010-03-29 09:07:56
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Thanks for the warning.
I have never did this though
2010-02-25 12:29:03
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I wasn't even aware that this could be done. I tend to stay exclusively on the points2shop side. It's a shame that some people choose to abuse the system :(
2010-02-16 16:15:55
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I was not aware of this! I went to cashle and I saw the 2 point video offer there where it wasn't for Points2Shop, So I was like, "Oh, must be a new and unique video offer" So I clicked the video, and saw that it was the same, and in seconds (Without viewing the whole 3 minute video, I only watched 5 seconds of it) I closed the video. But I still got credit for it.

I know I did not do this intentionally, and I hope Points2Shop understands that this happens sometimes. Mistakes should NOT be held as a ban.

I would rather have Points2Shop and Cashle external offers fixed. Isn't there a way?
2010-05-15 15:08:18
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I thought that it was just blocked so you couldn't do it in the first place
2010-05-20 10:44:54
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I wasn't even aware that this could be done. I tend to stay exclusively on the points2shop side. It's a shame that some people choose to abuse the systemdibbles

I did this but I was not abusing the system. I thought they had just added the offers back again. So please don't accuse people of cheating.
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Not to mention some people who watched the video offer 5000 times (yes, 5000 times). That's the kind of things we consider fraud.Matjong
who has the time to watch a video 5000 times LOL why can't people just use the site fair and square i mean...nothing in life is free usually so might as well not ruin your chance at having free stuff over the INTERNET :) follow me

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