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Created: 2010-05-13 22:31:39
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what are merits used for?
2010-05-01 12:24:45
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Merits are used in team competitions. The winning teams win cash. Merits are earned by completing Quests For more info, please check out

I hoped that helped!!
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Yeah, they are for team competitions. You join a team here. But i recommend being a member for a little while, before joining a team, and wasting your merits in those teams. You probably won't win. I recommend waiting until you are about gold or platinum level, then assemble a bunch of other platinum people who don't have teams, and plan how much merits you are going to donate to the team, and arrange it so you can maybe win multiple times. I'm waiting until i'm Elite before i even touch my merits.
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Click here: Merits

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