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Points2Shop Forums » Referral Talk » What to do for 3 more referrals? HELP!
Created: 2010-05-03 05:28:46
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I have been working extremely hard at trying to get referrals and have tried pretty much every idea in the forum with the exception of making a video, which I can't do at the moment. So far I have made a web page, blog, several groups, joined forums, placed classified ads and the list goes on. This has got me 2 referrals in the last week bringing me to a total of seven. Unfortunately, they sign up and don't come back.

But now I'm only 3 referrals away from becoming Platinum Honour Level and I just can't seem to get the last three I need.

Would someone mind offering me some assistance with this?

I'm not looking to get hundreds. In fact, right now I would be happy just to have the three I need for the next honour level. So if someone has a sure fire way for me to get them or some other idea, PLEASE let me know. If you don't want others to read it, feel free to send me a message. But any and all suggestions are welcome.

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Try making a Twitter and getting a few hundred followers, then just post the link with something like "I got a _____". It will almost definitely get you three within a few posts.
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I was in the same situation as you were, but fortunately I had a great friend here in P2S to help me out to get past that 10 ref barrier. Ever since then, I haven't gotten a new referral. It was only something I needed to reach platinum.

Obviously, there are not much suggestions to be made, so you're only hope is to find someone that's willing to help you get 3 more, as I did in the past.

This is probably a bad idea, cause I know mine wouldn't, but maybe ask your referrer for some help?
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Twitter, Myspace or Yahoo Answers for some quick easy ones. Keep in mind 80% of the people that will join via twitter will be the wrong country so make sure you let em know what countries the site is for.
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is there a code for a refferal?
2010-05-08 13:27:02
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i think videos on youtube are the best way to get referrals
heres my youtube if u wanna check it out -

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