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Created: 2010-04-02 21:22:28
US elite
Points2shop is my specialty
Total posts: 1073
Total Earnings: $8653.48
Just got my 1000th ref today!
UK gold
Points2shop is my specialty
Total posts: 1019
Date of Birth: 1994-07-28
congrats im getting like 10 a day now nearly 200 !! XD
CA new
Senior Poster
Total posts: 160
Date of Birth: 1980-08-07
Total Earnings: $0.29
how do i get refertals?? fast
2010-03-19 17:45:07
US (AL) new
New Poster
Total posts: 12
Date of Birth: 1992-06-11
Total Earnings: $26.98
Congrats man, I'm still attempting to get some referrals, on day 3 of trying to get referrals and i only have 1 and his inactive xD.
US (MS) platinum
Points2shop is my specialty
Total posts: 1538
Date of Birth: 1995-03-12
Total Earnings: $161.6
wow nice iv got like 7 lol
US (CA) platinum
Points2shop is my specialty
Total posts: 1375
Date of Birth: 1996-10-23
Congrats u must have hecka merits
US (MD) platinum
Senior Poster
Total posts: 220
Date of Birth: 1987-02-23
Total Earnings: $354.53
could you share your secret to getting referals with us? im sure everyone would like to know a tip or two
2010-03-22 17:45:23
UK silver
Points2shop is my specialty
Total posts: 1017
Date of Birth: 1980-10-01
Total Earnings: $4.0
iv have only 8 lol
heres my youtube if u wanna check it out -
US (NY) platinum
Junior Poster
Total posts: 77
Date of Birth: 1980-01-01
Total Earnings: $161.86
Yay. I got my 10th today plus another one!
So here I come platinum
I never felt truly alive until I was staring death in the face.- Solid Snake
US (MN) platinum
Half way there
Total posts: 549
Date of Birth: 1987-11-04
Total Earnings: $216.06
Wow congrats salibu!

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