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Points2Shop Forums » News, Announcements & Contests » Get Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 “Stimulus Package” Map Packs!
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Created: 2010-03-30 16:51:34
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For those that play Call of Duty, March 30th marks the date of another Map Pack release, the Stimulus Package! This map pack features 3 new maps: Bailout, Salvage, and Storm. Also included are 2 former maps from Call of Duty 4: Crash and Overgrown. You get a total of 5 maps for $15, or £10.02. But instead of paying for that out of your pocket, why not save your Points2Shop points for a Microsoft Points Card? If you do offers, play games, and refer some other members, it shouldn't take long to get enough points to get a Microsoft Points Card. It takes 1200 Microsoft Points to get the map pack, so you would need at least a 1600 point Microsoft Card (or if you are in the UK, a 1400 point Microsoft Card).

Click here for a simplified version of Points2shop to save up for your Call of Duty stimulus package!

How do I get started?

- Start earning by completing offers and referring new members.

- Then redeem for a microsoft points card through regular mail or Email then use your points through your xbox console!

- Buy the map pack on your xbox with the microsoft points you received.

Complete offers and earn points

It won't take long to save enough points to get the cards either. Lately, there have been lots of offers added, and most have been approving properly for many users. Just check the Recently Approved Offers section, which is under Earn Points on the blue navigation bar at the top of the site. There you can see which offers have been approving for other users. Make sure to use a new email address that you create for each offer for the maximum chance at approval!

Redeem p2s points for microsoft points cards

Once you have enough points saved up, it's really easy to order your Microsoft Points. Add the card to your cart by going to the Email Gift Card section, which is located under the Spend Points tab on the blue navigation bar at the top of the site. If your address isn't verified yet, you can still order regular cards from Amazon. The codes will just be sent to your house instead. After you've added the card to your cart, you click “Purchase prizes with your points” to place your order. It usually takes the admin a business day or two to email your code to you. If you have it mailed to your house it can take up to two weeks.

Use your points on your xbox

After you receive your card either my email or regular mail, go to your Xbox Live Account and go to the Download Content section. Add the map pack to your cart. Then go to your cart so you can use your Mircosoft Point card to order the map pack. Type in the 16 digit code on the back of your Microsoft Point card when it prompts you to. Once the code processes, you can download the map pack onto your Xbox hard drive, and you're ready to start playing the 5 maps!

Need help?

If you need help doing offers, or need tips in general about the site and getting offers to approve, check out Offers Guide! This link has many resources to help you including offer walk-throughs and videos of offers being done. You can also choose to watch the video tutorial to help you get started with a first offer or go hereto find more easy offers for starters.

For fun here is the Official 5 minute video of gameplay for the Stimulus Package Map Pack:

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nice video lol good commentary on it too lol
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You can get a Special edition ms points card which has exactly 1200 points on itHERE for a cost of 1548 points with FREE Shipping
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You can get a Special edition ms points card which has exactly 1200 points on it HEREfor a cost of 1548 pointswith FREE Shippingagm1992

true, but it it currently out of stock, and will probably take a few days for amazon to have it in stock again:;=&me;=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&qid;=&sr;=&seller;=&colid;=&condition;=new
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2010-03-16 13:44:25
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i guess i got it just in time then before it went out of stock
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2010-03-29 15:05:05
This post has been deleted.
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i guess i got it just in time then before it went out of stockbrandon1
you can order but it will just only be shipped later.

But its still available from another seller.

And also the regular microsoft points and the emailed points are still available.
This post has been deleted.

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