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Created: 2010-02-22 12:19:33
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I once had a beer with billy connolly hes a very funny guy :)
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I have meet people from bands that no one here has probably heard of. They are all from Europe

children of bodom - singer
dark tranquillity - singer / guitarist twice

my uncle's friend used to be center for the Washington redskins and I met him. He was freaking huge.

I also met Jake the snake Roberts (wwf wrestler) when I was like 9 years old. It was almost 20 years ago.

My mom was drinking with Gilbert Brown, William henderson (old green bay packers) and Gilbert Browns brother (can't think of his name, but he played for the Detroit Lions (he apparently wanted to take my mom out on a date).testament

I know who the COB singer is but thats it :L
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my dad once also met billy connoly in a record store in ireland
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I met the queen mother when I was a kid while she was at a exhibition in London at earls court
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I met Kid Rock and Joe C when I was like 13.

They were playing at a local club that my god-brother was security at.

He came and got me and snuck me in to meet them.

They were both AWESOME!
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I met Little big town band before they were known
2010-01-20 17:54:19
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I met...

DJ Marski --- I work at Jewel-Osco as a cashier and DJ Marski came through my line with one of his buddies. i had no idea it was him until my friend working with me told me. I never saw his face before then so I had no idea it was him. He seemed like a chill guy.

Ben Gordon--- I was lucky to get some Bulls tickets last year from my mom's customer and they were awesome seats right next to the locker room hallway entrance. Before the game my brother was able to get his autograph.

Fabbio--- I think thats his name for the guy who has the really long blondish hair and I think he used to model. Now, he owns this western union store close to my house where I bought my liscense plate sticker.

Steve Fee---- Before the band he is in now, Fee, Steve came to perform at my church for about $10,000. This is a Christian band that you can check out online if you are interested. they have some awesome music!

Delirious--- Another Christian band I met a couple months ago. They are from Australia and it was their final tribute tour.

Thats it for now. Some are not that famous but pretty well known by the people I talk to. i will be going to a Hillsong concert in April and hopefully I can meet some people from that Christian band also.
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Bradley James- Arthur from the TV series MERLIN

Colin Morgan- Merlin from uh... MERLIN rofl

Phil collins- best drummer in the world

brian and steve mcfadden- phil and someone else from eastenders

Asa Butterfield and Jack Scanlon- both from boy in striped pyjamas, asa is in merlin as Mordred and Jack Scanlon is in married single other as joe
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I met lil john
What is goin on everbody? Just wanted to say that if you need help with anything, I am the go to guy.Also im not a shy guy so talk to me anytime!!!!!!1
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I met Rick Riordan, author of the series "Percy Jackson and the Olympian" 5 years ago.

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