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Created: 2010-02-22 12:19:33
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DON'T LIE!, but what famous people have you met?

I've met:

-DJ Keoki - famous DJ (check out the movie "Party Monster" if you don't know who he is). Met him twice.

-Aphrodite - another famous DJ

-Speech - Rapper from Arrested Development (they did the song Mr. Wendel and Tennessee). Met him at a church in Atlanta, one time.

-h.e.d. PE Lead Singer - Don't know his name, met him in line for a drink at their show. They opened for Orgy and Korn, and he was getting a drink from the bar when someone pointed him out to me lol

-Rikishi - Or if you're a hard-core wrestling fan you might remember him when he was Fatu, a Headshrinker. I was managing a shift at Wendy's when the wrestling show let out right near our store and he came in and I took his order and gave him $22 worth of free food lol. He autographed a Medium Wendy's bag, which I still have.

-Raven and Saturn - WCW wrestlers that came into the Gadzooks I was working at in Atlanta, helped them for like 30 seconds.

Pretty sure that's it, if I can think of any more I'll edit this :D

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Sweet I used to love wwe wrestling. I liked Rikishi and Saturn.

I've met

Skillet- My 2nd Favorite band. I met them backstage during their Awake and Alive tour.

Chuck Liddell- One of my favorite UFC fighters. I met him at some knockoff type of fight that was up coming for that UFC.

I think that might be it. Although I feel like I am leaving someone out.
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Well every "famous" person i've ever met was a wrestler. Anyway, I use to attend TNA Impact all the time a few years ago. I got on tv a lot too! Well every time they do a show, they hand out tickets to everyone in the audience and at the end of the night, they would do a raffle and who ever got their ticket called, would get to go backstage and meet some of the wrestlers. Well, I won one night! These are the guys I met. I also got their autographs.

-AJ Styles
-Christopher Daniels
-Samoa Joe
-Petey Williams
-Johnny Devine
-Robert Roode
-Sirelda (only in TNA for a short time)

They were all very nice by the way.
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I've met Al Gore. He's a cousin. My great grandmothers brothers grandson. Met at a family reunion. He's a douche.
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ive met Ryan Anderson from the Orlando Magic. It was cool because he was a lot taller then me
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I got to meet and shake Rod Blagojevich's hand when he came to our school like 5 years ago. haha what a douchebag

I also got to meet a bunch of players from the USA volleyball team after a game this summer. thats all i can think of right now
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Just had to post a reply, I dont get a chance to meet famous people in person but I remember when the author Darren Shan was in the area doing a book signing. I went down, he signed a copy of his book for me and we had a short but memorable chat, Fun times :D
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I have meet people from bands that no one here has probably heard of. They are all from Europe

children of bodom - singer
dark tranquillity - singer / guitarist twice

my uncle's friend used to be center for the Washington redskins and I met him. He was freaking huge.

I also met Jake the snake Roberts (wwf wrestler) when I was like 9 years old. It was almost 20 years ago.

My mom was drinking with Gilbert Brown, William henderson (old green bay packers) and Gilbert Browns brother (can't think of his name, but he played for the Detroit Lions (he apparently wanted to take my mom out on a date).
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i met Steve Mcnair ( before he died of course) saw him in a St. Louis mall when they were playing the Rams that night, this was while he was on the Titans. then i saw Stone Cold Steve Austin in Hershey, PA at a wrestling event like 5 years ago. Scott Rolen while he was on the St Louis Cardinals
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Well, here's my "interesting" list (not including Authors because...well, because).

John-Rhys Davies (Lord Of The Rings, The Living Daylights)

Misha Collins (Supernatural)

Jake "The Snake" Roberts (WWF Star)

Steve Blum (Voice Actor - Cowboy Bebop, Batman AA, etc)

Yeah. Famous.

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