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Points2Shop Forums » P2S Surveys and Offers » Why its important to Clear Cookies and use New Emails (Update: More Info)
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Created: 2010-02-13 23:50:46
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thnx dude.. I will try to clear my cookies after every offer
2010-03-30 10:43:54
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Thanks this really hepled
2010-04-07 21:46:49
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Why stop now?
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Yea listen to this thread as soon as I started clearing cookies more offers started approving for me
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How do you guys feel about proxies?
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How do you guys feel about proxies?Crazium

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Most helpful thread on the whole site.
2010-05-06 19:58:38
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I personally use Google Chrome. Here are the instructions on how to clear cookies there:

1. Click the Tools menu.
2. Select Options.
3. Click the Under the Hood tab.
4. Click Content settings in the "Privacy" section.
5. On the "Cookies" tab, click Show cookies and other site data.
- To delete all cookies, click Remove all.
- To delete a specific cookie, select the site that issued the cookie, then the cookie, and click Remove.
6. Click Close for the Cookies and Other Data dialog when you're done.
7. If you want Google Chrome to automatically delete cookies when you exit the browser, select the "Clear cookies and other site data when I close my browser" checkbox in the Content Settings dialog.
8. Click Close for the Content Settings dialog when you're done.

However, regardless of the browser you use, you can press [ctrl]+[shift]+[delete] and it pulls up a menu that allows you clear browser information any way you like (including history, cache, etc). Hope that helps, best of luck all!
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so does using mailinator count as a temp email? i'm only wondering because i've seen some youtube vid's about how to do offers, and some of them suggest using it.

I'd rather not go threw the trouble of making tons of email address's but I will if I have to
2010-04-16 13:36:11
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thanks for the help.
2010-05-10 20:46:49

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