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Points2Shop Forums » P2S Surveys and Offers » Why its important to Clear Cookies and use New Emails (Update: More Info)
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Created: 2010-02-13 23:50:46
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it's probably easier to pay attention to what offers you apply for, and notice when you do offers from the same company, and use a different e-mail. and every day you should use a different e-mail, unless you have an amazing photographic memory

if an offer does get rescinded, will it be marked in your offer history?
2010-02-27 14:48:08
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can you guys help me find sites that i can make an email on?
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can you guys help me find sites that i can make an email on?wwe704

You can easily make a email on yahoo mail, google, aol, etc.
Just go to google, type in yahoo mail and select top choice. Then
sign up.
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No wonder why most of my offers arent approving!
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Is this really the case, i wouldnt want all my emails full of spam, how often would you need to change your email address when doing surveys?

When you say everyday do you mean a new one or go back between two email adresses?
2010-02-16 17:43:32
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I'll try this, and see if my approval rate goes up.
2010-03-09 23:07:48
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Make NEW Emails, Meaning switching between only a few emails will NOT work
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oh, so thats what they r, thanks u guys
2010-03-13 07:21:59
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i typically just make a new email address every day on aol. veryyyy important to crediting NDR offers and AR
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So is it safe to assume that P2S doesn't care what e-mail you use? I was always under the impression that your sign up e-mail address was used for identification purposes.

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