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Points2Shop Forums » Support » How do I UNINSTALL "PLAY SUSHI" ???
Created: 2010-02-10 10:04:37
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I downloaded Play Sushi, and it has been nothing but trouble on my computer, poping up all over the place and just basicly annoying me. I tried to uninstall it but i cant find the uninstall anywhere on my computer.....can anybody help me????
2010-01-28 01:18:22
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what operating system are you using you might be able to bottom left corner at start then you click on all programs all the folders will show find the sushi folder open it and there should be a uninstall within the folder that should work if not drastic actions are needed.
Go to my computer program files and just delete it from there it shouldn't cause you any problems any more I had to do that with bingo-liner once before and it wouldn't delete so I did it via program files and I have not had any more problems since then.
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i uninstalled mine through "Programs and Features" but im running Windows 7
2010-02-07 12:46:18
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I can only help you with Windows XP/2003/98

Try restarting your computer. Then find go back to the list of program files, and see if "Sushi" or "Play Sushi" are on the list. Look for their logo. If it's not there after you restarted your computer, click "Start" -> "Search" (on the right side) and play around with the search settings to try to find the Sushi application. Find it and delete all the files that you think belong to the application. :) enjoy.
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thats why i don't do those offers, they have viruses and even if you install it they still won't give you the points
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Oh my god, those offers suck.

They rarely approve, give viruses, clog up your PC, a hassle to uninstall.. ETC
Try download CCleaner and use the Uninstall built in feature to remove it.
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I hate those offers... have you tried searching for it and then right click and it might say uninstall...

Worst case... you can try rolling back your computer to a previous date by using system recovery.
2010-02-10 18:27:14
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For future cases... I partitioned my hard drive and run a ghost drive so when I need to install something like that I can put it in the ghost drive and then it tends to stay away from windows files.
2010-02-10 18:27:14
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To remove PlaySushi, follow the simple instructions below:

• Click on the Start Menu button
• Click on the Settings option
• Click on the Control Panel option
• Double click on Add/Remove Programs
• Select PlaySushi from the list of programs
• Click on the Add/Remove button
• Follow the uninstall directions to complete the uninstall process

If for some reason you cannot find your Start Menu, or the Add/Remove Process does not work for you, click the link below for additional removal assistance:
2010-02-18 18:58:13
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i had the same issue but once you figure it out you can complete all 20 of those ofers

go to search from the start menu then search all files and folders for "sushi" hilighht and deltete them youtube is great to get referrals haha

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