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Created: 2017-11-30 03:21:23
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I'm not an avid user but I've clearly put some time into getting to Gold and am a mere four referrals and ~$40 from Elite.

That said, I feel like there is not enough transparency and/or communication from the administrative team. These last few weeks have exacerbated that feeling with multiple whimsical maintenance sessions (Internal Server Errors) that have cost me between $10-$20 in surveys. Then today, I come to find that the Instant Withdrawal, something I've made an effort to earn, has been whimsically disabled without any communication as to why or how long it will be disabled for. The only way for me to determine if it is active is to cancel my withdrawal request which is pending manual approval and get sent to the back of the line on the waiting list.

These sort of issues are precisely why I haven't invested that much time into this site and the very issues that are likely to convince me to move on from P2S altogether. Qualifying for and completing surveys is often difficult enough without having to worry about reliability issues with the site in terms of uptime and getting what I've earned.

I mean no disrespect by any of this and am simply trying to share my experience and opinion on the matter. Announcements, alerts, and general transparency about these sort of things would go a long way in convincing users like myself to continue investing time and effort into this website.
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Maintenance does happen and Matjong did say that the points should work out and be credited to you, but he didn't give a time frame. As for instant payments, that is an added bonus of the site and it can be turned off at any time for any reason. I was told it should be back up in a few days. I wouldn't depend on payments being instant and you still get your payments, even if it processes manually.
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None of it is whimsical as that implies it is carefree and without reason. The site needs maintaining and I'm sure every effort is made to do it with as little inconvenience to as many people as possible. Without taking the site down totally for everyone and for extended periods at a time it is not possible to affect no one at all. As for PayPal, it is turned off, again for a reason I'm sure. As I explained to you earlier, you can cancel and wait until instant is turned on again or leave it for manual processing.

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