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Created: 2017-08-19 14:51:49
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I think there should be a flag that will check if the video has been watched or not to avoid giving credits more than once to a member instead of banning. As a user and member we have no control on watching the video regardless if it already been watched more than once. To avoid this if we can put a flag or tag if it already watched or not. Thank you!
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Sounds like a good idea, how easy it would be to implement is the tricky bit though, especially when third parties are considered.
At least you get some videos to watch, iv`e just had a blank screen for days on end :(
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I have watched videos multiple times and things seem to be ok- so far!
Need a hand I dont mind helping, ask away
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Bumping this as video offer completion bans seem to be something not all members understand. With video offers most bans usually occur for one of two reasons:

1 - The user is clearly not watching the video. This is evident by the time between video views. If you have completed 10 video offers in 15 seconds you are clearly not watching the whole video. This is what the advertiser is paying you to do and this is what you should do.

2 - The user is doing nothing but watching video's or is watching them in "blocks". You should be mixing up your video offers with other offers. You shouldn't have multiple pages of video offer completions for the same day. I.e don't sit there playing videos for half an hour non stop everyday. Instead watch some videos, do some offers, try some surveys etc.

As the video's are sourced from external walls it makes your suggestion hard to implement. Although I do agree a more explicit warning is required on video offer pages.
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