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Created: 2017-05-18 15:37:53
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Hi all,

As of 7pm last night we have made several changes to our quality score system. We are now no longer counting the lifetime quality records but only the past 6 months. There are 2 main reasons for this:

1. Some people who failed a few checks in the last, never had an opportunity anymore to come back to the site. That was pretty disastrous for some people. Right now, it counts more as a "time-out" (albeit a long time-out, for 6 months). After that period, we assume someone may have a better understanding of the survey business and therefore is being added back to the site. It's also a stronger reflection of someone's more recent activity, rather than a lifetime score.

2. Some people racked up quite some quality points in the past prior to our system being fully ready and balanced. Some users who had as high as 20% reversal rate for bad survey behavior in recent months were not limited from doing surveys while they should be, because of their historic points. Clients don't like bad survey behavior and might refrain from sending us any future surveys, which impact not just that user but all the users on our website. Therefor we feel it is more reflective to look at the last 6 months of behavior to get a more accurate idea of someones recent activity.

Additionally we've made some changes to show reductions in the quality score more clearly so that you have the chance to improve certain behavior prior to your score being so low that you can no longer do surveys. We will continue to add some of those features in the near future, including some more required member education to get the score back up.
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Thanks for posting this. I was wondering why my score was down to 100 even though I didn't do a survey for 7 months
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why bother
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ok i will try better quality score
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As someone who does not earn as much and takes small breaks this did not effect me so much. However I could see why a lot were upset.

I am not sure what incentives there are for a high score, However I could see a lot getting discouraged, I love this being done to give a chance for others to come back and earn cause if I myself lost this site I would hate. This has by far been the best site for earning I have found. I have put in a lot of time helping people and earning however I am getting off topic.

I believe it might be a good idea to keep the peace with users who get a high score. To see yourself drop so far and have a chance at getting a bad survey or 2 and get banned for 6 months practically is not good for them or you on a business level. So what I feel might be a good idea is say if they hit a score of 500 or 1k they can not drop below say 2 or 300 as a safety net for them. Just my thoughts after seeing so many people upset yesterday and today.
2010-08-01 10:14:47
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ok, thank you
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May I ask why the QS score count changes from day to day? Is this the real time scoring to which you refer and you measure that for survey behavior over a six-month period?

I could be grossly amiss, here, so bear with me: It just seems to me the more one stays active and the surveys they complete successfully in good standing/good scoring, the better they fare on this site. Otherwise, one could take a self-imposed hiatus, return with a reset of 100, make an accidental mistake of a -20 for clicking a trap answer and then their offers on internal mostly diminish, leaving them too few opportunities to build it up and possibly facing the same issue after the sixth-month "time-out" period. I don't think survey re-education in this instance will work, unless they earn points by doing the education; but then they're going to do that to build a padding in case another accident happens. Or, is the survey education for people like me who have experience with reversals

I also noticed in the changes that I have had a few reversals reversed and credits returned to my account with an apology for the accidental deductions. I believe these are legitimate and not just a quirk in the system. Thank you.

It'll be interesting to see what happens this evening, when my QS changes - or +.

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