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Points2Shop Forums » Discussion » Improvements needed!
Created: 2017-05-11 13:15:01
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Right Hello Admins, Mods and general members of the website.

so I've been an activate user off the website for the past 5 years and I've kept numb on quite a lot of things that are currently putting off quite a few members and the traffic flow for the website so on here I want to address them.

So when I joined Points2Shop back in 2012, The site used to be extremely popular the chat was always going on and it never seemed to go dead at any stage. As we had a multicultural website full of users from all over the globe. However add 5 years from that and we are here, The website seems like a ghost town not many offers are coming through these days compared to the past which is meaning instead of earning around $10-$15 in surveys daily UK members are earning $2-$7.50 a day, Now don't get me wrong I';m grateful to be earning anything however that's a decrease of nearly 60% from when I joined.

Another issue I want to address is the Help System, Now if you're bellow Gold you won't be aware of what this is but I'll explain it abit and not give too much away. The Help System was introduced for Gold+ members to help new members to understand the website and walk you guys through how to complete offers however for the past 2- years there was a bug and the system was never fixed resulting in a loss off some extra $ for Gold+ members which is frustrating.

Also on honor levels it states that the higher you go up on the website the more offers are opened up to yourself, However since I've went past Gold Honor level this seems to make no difference might just be me but have asked others and they've said the same. I don't want this too seem like I'm bashing everything bad with the site, They're good aspects to the website like;

Number Limbo (When it was running)
Mod Quizzes

Quite a lot needs to be done to keep people entertained and maintain traffic flow so I have made a list off some thing's I'd like too see happen if possible;

Fix the following;

Help System
Lottery (By fix I mean run it on the day it's meant to be run)
High Value Contest (Normally takes 2-4 weeks to receive weekly rewards)

What I'd like too see introduced;

New Offer Pages
New P2S Offers
Weekly Quizzes
New Working Help System

Feel free too add to this guys in the comments bellow obviously this is only my opinion i'd like to see what you guys have too say on my matters discussed above as well. Lets make Points2Shop the #1 GPT Site again!

Poll: What do you want too see?

More Paying Offers
More user interaction
New Surveys Page
Fully Working Help System
Weekly Quizzes with prizes


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Am I spamming?
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Helper System is for Platinum and up and if people were doing it for the extra money then they were doing it for the wrong reasons. If it isn't working correctly, help in shout or via messages, it is after all the 'Helper System' and not meant as an alternative to earning. It was often abused by people having the minimum required interaction to qualified as the user being 'helped' and therefore the 'helper' gets paid. It was also used by people who were next to clueless about the site and how to help but just because they had reached Platinum, they were allowed to use it, however ineffectually. My opinion, people shouldn't be paid for Helper System, unless it is restricted to people who are actually both capable AND willing to help but like i said that is possible through IM/PM or in shout.

As for more offers for higher levels...your level on here does not change your individual demographics. Just because you are Gold/Platinum/Elite or whatever won't mean you will suddenly be allowed to take surveys aimed at Females (if you are Male) or the other way round for example. The higher your Quality Score is supposed to make a difference, but at the end of the day you will still be disqualified a lot and there isn't anything you can do to change it.

Number Limbo IS running, only the rules have changed to prevent the ....unpleasant ...imbalance ..... that was present in years past. Yes the jackpots were massively higher back then, but they were also, almost always, won by the same group of people...which isn't a coincidence as they worked as a team to lock out the lower numbers (say 1-100) and then split the winnings when one of them inevitably won.

The lottery isn't broken, it is manually run, so can sometimes be forgotten.

High Value contests take time to pay out because some offers may be subject to reversal, if for example you completed a 3500 point paid offer with false information/stolen or pre-paid card, then it would end up reversed and you would drop $35 in the contest standings.

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