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Points2Shop Forums » Referral Talk » Some People Cheat On Referrals!!!
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Created: 2010-01-14 10:32:14
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I have seen some videos and some people cheat to get referrals they got to a Internet Shop and make an account there that is just WRONG they are LAZY and Don't want to earn referrals don you think?

What's your opinion?
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well, if they are made, eventually they will get banned so there is no points getting fake refferals as when they get banned you loose ALL money and points you gained
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That's the name of the game
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That's the name of the gamecmw1612


It's their stupidity. I have no sympathy towards them because they were stupid enough to not understand the rules.

1 strike and you're out. There's no second chances on this site and it's their stupidity that's got them to where they stand and suffer the loss.
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^'nuff said.
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They will definatley get banned if they get caught anyways.. so they will have wasted a lottt of time.
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Am I spamming?
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wish I could get more refferals =)
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with perseverance and a little luck anyone can get refs its just how bad you want them
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i want more referals dnt knw wht to do .
2010-01-13 10:17:23

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