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Created: 2017-04-26 22:44:20
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Simply Solve the Brain Teaser!

*Have fun
*Submit your answer in this format:

Name: Age: DOT:

Chris 36 Red
Paige 12 Blue
Gage 15 Black
Jennifer 41 Purple

Do not spam or edit your post
Wait until another member submits a post before you re-enter your guess
This contest will run for a few days!
You can only win once
Members of all honor levels

Each valid/Correct Guess will earn that member 500 points
I will not announce the winners until the contest is over

Brain Teaser!

There are 4 friends (Evan,Britney,Jacob and Kristin) and each has 1 Dot.
From the clues below, can you match each of them with their age and Dot?
The kids are aged10,11,12 and 13; one has an Orange Dot.

1. The 11 year old has a green Dot.
2. Evan has a red Dot and is 1 year older than Jacob.
3. Britney is 10 years old and her Dot isn't Yellow
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oh this is easy Brittany 10 orange
Kristin 11 green
Jacob 12 yellow
Evan 13 red
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Half way there
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Don't want to copy the above and don't care if this is wrong so
Britney 10 orange
Jacob 11 green
Evan 12 red
Kristin 13 yellow
This post has been deleted.
This post has been deleted.
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Brittany 10 orange kristen 11 green. Jacob 12 yellow. Evan 13 red
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Britney 10 orange, Jacob 11 green, Evan 12 red, Kristen 13 yellow
This post has been deleted.
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Brittany 10 orange
Evan 13 red
Jacob 12 yellow
Kristin 11 green
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