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Points2Shop Forums » News, Announcements & Contests » Boxes of Points Giveaway! #4 10-28-17
Created: 2017-03-26 23:39:17
US (TX) admin
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21 Boxes all containing points but only 2 of them will contain 2000 points each :)

In order for you to have a crack at picking a box:

1. Be in the shoutbox
2. It's nice to be helpful to other members
3. Do not ask if you can pick, I will pick one member randomly :)


Each box contains points
Point Range 50-2000
Each box that is picked will be posted here along with the prize*
Anyone can play/win
Once a box is picked it will no longer be in play

*You can find a box that holds 2000 points in it, if you were to pick a even numbered box


triheadedmonkey- Box (13) Contains 250 points
saturnblkg-- Box (10) Contains 250 points
2wreckless-- Box (6) Contains 300 points
Candlelion--Box (5) Contains 500 points
saturnblkg--Box (8) Contains 100 points
yoshiboy11--Box (12) Contains 150 points

Other winners:
US (IA) legend
Senior Poster
Total posts: 230
Date of Birth: 1994-01-15
Total Earnings: $2197.56
I pick number 12, please.
UK diamond
Senior Poster
Total posts: 150
Date of Birth: 1987-12-22
Total Earnings: $2019.51
2 please
Please donate here if you can
US (NH) moderator
Am I spamming?
Total posts: 362
Date of Birth: 1976-05-10
Total Earnings: $4775.45
I pick 5
US (KY) diamond
Used to the forums
Total posts: 33
Date of Birth: 1981-02-25
Total Earnings: $1142.7
8 please
2010-08-01 10:14:47
UK legend
Senior Poster
Total posts: 208
Date of Birth: 1981-10-19
Total Earnings: $6206.64
19 thanks
US gold
Used to the forums
Total posts: 50
Date of Birth: 1999-11-04
4 please

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