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Points2Shop Forums » News, Announcements & Contests » Changes in S2W & Quests
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Created: 2010-01-04 00:50:41
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Hey everyone!

Here's wishing you a late HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope that this year allows you to complete last years resolutions! ;) This will be points2shops 3rd year!

We have some things we'd like to clear up as there have been questions regarding spin2win, and offer completion changes.

First, we have reconfigured the clicks. We originally had them count as a regular offer, but this caused quite an issue in various areas of the site.

For example, we setup the Spin2win to give four spins for every successfully completed offer. This meant that you could have one approved offer and three pending offers which would equal out to a 25% approval rate. A 25% approval rate should be easily obtainable for all members on the site.

When we introduced clicks, members were able to get hundreds of spins, which then lead to further abuse when members would claim trials and paid offers just for the spin2win chances. Those chances would lead to an increase in wins (IE: Tickets, points, merits, etc). This causes an issue for us because a ticket reflects real money that has to be accounted for.

Because of this we have decided to remove daily clicks from counting as spin2win chances. Members who have negative spins have most likely abused the system by claiming offers just to receive tickets. As a result, these users negative balances will remain negative. In case your spins became negative while not abusing any system, we trully apologize for the inconviniance but once you completed more offers your spins should become positive again.

Another issue this created was soaring quest completion. Members completing clicks were able to advance at a very quick rate which caused an imbalance in quests. We have removed clicks from counting toward this as well. While doing this, we are aware that members have experienced a drop in quest completions. We understand that it would be quite a long time for some members to reach a quest so we have reset the quests to reflect the users current offers.

If you had 100 offers before (IE: The 100 offers quest completed), and you now have 90 offers; we reset the 100 offers quest so you can complete it again. Any merits earned in the past completion of the quest will NOT be taken away, just the quest count reset to a more accurate count. Another change we made is that we now have quests for daily clicks!

There has also been some confusion about people earning a Sweepstakes Ticket in spin2win. We have something in the works that we hope to launch soon; however part of the feature was accidentally updated on the site with one of our newest site updates. We disabled this part and hope to upload the entire feature soon. We do apologize for any confusion it caused.

Lastly, we are really excited to start a new year with our members, meet new members, and tackle new ideas, features and bugs! We hope you'll be around for all the new stuff!
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Happy new year to you too! :D
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Alright! It looks like p2s will have yet another successful year!
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happy new year and love the site keep up the good work
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Happy new year to you too!! And thanks for the update mat :D
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ok, thx
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I'm really close to the daily click quest. XD
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Happy new year to you too, Mat. :)
And thanks for the update!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what P2S has in store for this year. :D
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Happy New Year and keep up the good work.

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