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Points2Shop Forums » Support » I can't play Spin2Win, I lost spins!
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Created: 2009-12-30 18:28:26
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Some people are not seeing the Spin2Win game after marking offers as complete today. The reason for this is that until today the daily click offers, which were intended to be excluded from Spin2Win, were still awarding 4 spins when they were approved.

People who did a lot of click offers and also tried a lot of normal offers may actually have zero or negative spins remaining after this change. If your normal offers approved you will probably still have spins remaining.

So later today the Mark as Complete message will be updated to be very clear about why your Spin2Win is not showing up. It will show your number of spins remaining so that you can figure out how many normal offers you will need to get approved before you can play Spin2Win again (you earn 4 spins per approved offer). It will also tell you if you've already done 10 spins today.

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Ok thanks for that clearing up any confusion
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i am glad i live in the uk now not that we have that many offers to use the spin to win lol
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Please pass on this topic to people that ask about this in the shoutbox
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I'm glad i seen this. I was wondering why i couldn't play. I didn't see it tell me how many more i needed. It must have disappeared before i noticed it.
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that is cool
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thanks u helped alot
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Thanks, cleared up some stuff.
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thanks for the info
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whew.. im glad i dont have negative spins, that would suck

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