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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » Add $5 Xbox codes into the P2S store!
Created: 2016-08-31 02:56:54
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They sell them so why not add them?? I think that would be really awesome :)
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They sell them so why not add them?? I think that would be really awesome :)yoshiboy11

This has been addressed in this sticky topic here :)

Lower or higher denominations GC's

We sometimes get requests for lower or higher denominations. Although this sounds like a no-brainer as well, it's actually fairly complicated. There are many things at play here. First of all, lower denominations means more orders. Imagine we would add the 400 xbox points rather than the 800 xbox points as a minimum. This would effectively double our orders (as most people always order the lowest denomination). This means we need to buy twice as many codes, we have twice as many orders to process, twice as many possible order issues (codes not working etc). It basically means we have to hire twice as many administrators, which obviously would cost a significant amount of money (which means less money to give away to members).

Higher denominations are a little easier to add, but still costs more time for admins. If we currently only have the $20 value of a GC, and add the $50 value, we need to make sure we have the $50 in stock. This basically means we have to keep a much higher inventory at the office (which increases liability). Managing the inventory takes time too. If we visit a store to buy $20 cards, but the $50 ones are out of stock, this means we have to visit another store to buy the $50 ones. You'd be surprised how often this happens. The FB gift cards are a good example. Pretty much every store has inventory for the $15 one, but the $10 one is very rare. Target, Walmart, Best Buy, they all have the $15 one, but not the $10 one. This means we have to visit specific stores just to get the $10 one, and other stores for the $15 ones.

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