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Created: 2009-12-26 02:04:09
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Hey guys so for christmas i was blessed with a 100 dollar gift card to zumiez. while perusing there online shop i came accross the

Skullcandy TI COM Black Multimedia Headphone

these headphone look great and have gotten great reviews and i was thinking aboutpossibly getting them even at the price tag of
80.00 DOLLARS. i also wanted to know if i can use these headphone for xbox 360 which would be perfect so while looking further online i saw tht amazon is selling these exact same headphone for only
30.00 DOLLARS!!. these headphone are a greatdeal and not only play ipod or stereo they CAN aso be used for xbl so check em out
Skullcandy Headset
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Ahhhh these are sick! Skullcandy has amazing headphones and this is the first time I've seen this model. Great deal!!! Positive mark given.

Now I wish I spent my points on these instead of XBL and a game lol :p
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Looks great, but I don't really want to walk with my Ipod with those headphones. :p
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Thanks for the info I'll check it out.
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i hate buy them but i dnt have 30 bucks
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those are sweet i bought them
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those are expensive
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hey , this my first am came on this webside i have no idea how i get points but am working out no big deal anyway if any1 wants help me to get points :)
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yea skullcandy headphones got great reputation
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Nice find dude.

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