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Created: 2009-12-23 16:04:40
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This contest is pretty simple, I will list a few names and I would like for you to be honest and sincere and write something good about that member.~ What has this member done to make your stay on p2s enjoyable, great, awesome whatever the case may be :)

This contest will be judge by me and other mods/admins :)


  • Post Once
  • Your entry must be at least 20 words
  • Be serious about what you speak about :) we can tell if it's not sincere and done just to earn points
  • Each name listed below should must be in your post along with your comments
  • Do not copy and paste the same comment for each member listed
  • So your post should contain 6 names along with a comment for each


littlerose - Super awesome..............................

Medler - The best clown in the world....................

Gedney - The only guy I know that can pimp out a pink outfit


I will be looking for five members that give great feedback

Congratulations to members:

matadoa, kailuron, akuma3251, gedney, sw1ng

Thank you to everyone for the kind words







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Matjong -

Littlrose - always makes me stay on at least 3 hours longer than usual on Wednesdays because I want to see who won the lottery!

Wakki -

Medler -

Greenlants -

cmw1612 - an amazing moderator and P2S member because of the amount of trivia and contests to make P2S a lot more fun!
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Am I spamming?
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Cmw1612 is helpful if you ask a question they allways answer which is good because it shows there bothered about helping other newer members
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cmw1612- is very nice because he does regular contests and not just to get a good reputation. He is also very helpful because he solves your problems and does not say too many bad things in the discussion forum. Even if he was not a moderator, i think he would still be very kind to new members and help them out along the way. Apparantly, if you get to know him, he can be a great friend

Matjong- is a very nice person and he is very helpful

Littlrose- is very popular which means that person is nice to everyone and hs lots of friends

Wakki-is very nice and fun. He makes funny jokes but he helps a lot of people in the shoutbox.

Medler- is a nice person, and he helped me with a lot of questions and they were all very helpful. He also made a guide that was very helpful to a lot of people

Greenlants- is very helpful especially in the shoutbox,he answers a lot of the people question and is very nice to new people
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Matjong- Very nice and takes time to get to know the members and the site.

Littlrose- sweet as pie and great sense of humor, love the spaghetti on her head.

Wakki-a very fair and polite mod. She answered one of my complaints on a ticket and knew just what to say.

Medler- made a great how to do offers guide that i used to help new members.She is also lots of fun in the shoutbox and very helpful to new members.I'll never forget that she helped me so much when I had just started here.

Greenlants-Makes the shoutbox lots of fun and is a great mod. he is such a good mod he even banned his own ref.!?!? can you imagine to have to ban your own ref?!?! well, he did what he had to do..good job greenlants.

cmw1612 - Cmw, you are the reason I log on to p2s almost 100 X's a day. Im constantly checking for your contest. I think they are lots of fun. I finally won one yesterday and now im pumped more than ever to try to win some more.
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just got to know how funny he can be witch helps me lol i need a good laugh

Littlrose do not know yet but if she is like the otheres she will rock

Wakki seems to be very out going and helpful always will to help us new pople as i have also watch.

Medler have not had the pleause to know yet

Greenlants very sweet and helpful

cmw1612 the best helps you in everyway she can keeps it fun with all the contest they are fun to read and watch even the ones i cant play in she has the best personality you could ask for in a mod and seems like the kida person who you would even like to have in your life in the real would outside of cyber space
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Matjong- he was the person who gave us the link to see the website new update so thanks you.

littlrose- she is a part of the admin so u hve to respact her, also it is her birthday. :D she does the lotter that is a big ting i hope i win

WaKKi- this person always replyes to my support ticket and very kind on the replyes of the tickets

medler- he not on shoutbox that much but i see him online this is telling me that he works very hard as he is a admin and trying to make the site easy and fun. but i have never spoken to him/her.

greenlant, always giving help on the shoutbox, really helpful good friends with the mods.

cmw1612- one of the best MOD on the site doing always doing contest and helping us complete form contest so i like to say thank you :) your contect are really good and fun. having 793 vote for assisting new members says that he is kind and helpfull
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Matjong- Looks cool in purple :p

Littlerose- is special because her name is in Lottery Common Responses

Wakki- Rocks for helping me out with my account issues back then.

Medler- Is the goddess in getting offers approved.

Greenlants- Has a secret crush on someone ;) Also an EXPERT in Limbo. I BOW DOWN TO YOU.

cmw1612- Is gonna get broke on P2S one day from his comments lol. jk. Humble person for giving out lots of points for so many competitions.
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Matjong - always a very helpful (and silly) owner of the website. Any time we mention a little glitch or issue, he jumps right on it, making sure it is fixed as soon as possible (given it is pertinent and fixable) even if it means making the tech work harder and faster after just getting done fixing something :p A joy in the shoutbox :) And he likes crepes :p

Littlrose - an angel... great fun to talk to and always helpful. She runs the lotto like a pro, as well as many other things, and accepts my annoying suggestions without freaking out on me (which is a big thing lol). Looks great with food on her head, and can deal quite well with tons of gross flying bugs O_O (i would have left that country that day lol)

Wakki - superwoman. lol. Like a few other female moderators/admins on here she does points2shop in addition to life (i.e. kids, work, etc) and is somehow able to deal with the pains in the box and helps in all areas (I like throwing random questions at her ;). And a great cook :p or so i hear... i think she should prove it to me :) ---- p.s. wakki is a girl (ppl keep saying he)

Medler - Sweet and helpful despite the fact that she often makes fun of me :p but it is all in fun and that is what is truly great about her. I love how she has names for her computers, it tells you she is an eccentric person... is eccentric the word or crazy? lol jk ;) ---ps also a girl!

Greenlants - he's my boy :p my secret husband... one of them. He is very helpful and silly and his kittens are adorable!!!!! He is a great person and a joy to talk to, even if we are fighting over Jake :p

cmw1612 - well the most awesomest mod ever lol of course im going to say that. but seriously he rocks my socks pretty hard :p is a nut for all the points he gives away, but awesome for it at the same time. Seems to be around right as I need help which is awesome :p
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Matjong - One of the owners of P2S, and just about the best owner of a GPT website anybody could wish for. He listens to everything you say (Feedback, questions etc) and has a fantastic sense of humour! Amazing :p

Littlrose - Spelt Littlerose I believe :) The other owner of P2S and based on the fact that she is dutch is unbelievable! Keeps those offers coming in and manages the site spectaculury! Well done :D

Wakki - One of the few 'chosen ones' to become a moderator. Keeps the members on their toes and ready to pounce whenever she is needed :p Great team member and somehow fits all this into her working life! How???

Medler - Another 'chosen one' and very well deserved! Very helpful in the shoutbox, forum or PM's and works very hard to keep P2S clean and tidy. Even makes the time to chat and be very silly with all the members working hard on the site :)

Greenlants - Good old Green :) What a lad! There are not enough words to describe him to be honest so I'm not going to go through them all. To sum him up however takes one word 'FANTASTIC'

cmw1612 - Competition mad this dude is :p Very generous, kind and all members are hugely greatful for keeping them occupied on these cold winter days :) Even keeps us UK members up 'till 1am doing all these contests haha! Keep the coming cmw!

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