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Created: 2016-06-20 18:54:04
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I think when an order get denied for the reason "Unfortunately this item is no longer available for the price specified" There be more to that stating if the item was sold already, what the price may have been raised to, etc.
I say this because I have placed many orders where this reason showed but the item is still available for the same price that I ordered for so I have no idea why the orders were not done. Having more of a reason there for the denial will help clear a lot of confusion.
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To avoid getting denied for a spike in price, be sure to select both "I am willing to pay up to 100 more points" AND "I am willing to pay up to 500 more points." Otherwise, they have no control over the item not being avaliable anymore, because the items come directly from Amazon.
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I had this happen, before. As stated above, there are pre-selected amounts to cover yourself.

What I did with a specialized comb I wanted was go to the actual Amazon site, price the actual cost of the item with the shipping factored in the cost, I went back to P2s, selected that item again, then I pre-selected save 100 points and wrote in the instructions box that I reserved an extra 200 points for that purchase they can use in case there was a slight change in price that exceeded the cost I paid plus the pre-selected 100 I reserved.

Sometimes you may not have 500 in reserves but the cost might be 300 over the cost predicted. Admin utilized that 100 points plus what I saved and put on reserves on my end to successfully purchase the comb.

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