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Created: 2016-06-15 20:10:07
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As a kid I liked to hack on the internet, bot on Runescape, hacks on Maplestory and WoW and stuff like that. Well that leaked over to Points2shop, and I cheated on the games section. It worked for about an hour, and then I get banned. I managed to convince the Admin to give me earn points permissions back, but permanently banned from games. Do you guys think being permanently banned from games for doing something stupid as a kid is fair? I have no interest in hacking again because of the consequences.
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100% fair
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It is completely fair.
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If you have to think twice about whether something is right or wrong, it most likely is wrong even as a kid I think it's fair.
2010-03-27 15:43:11
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no hack in e-t all fake
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well, I'd say that's as close to a criminal offence as you could get on here since you are basically stealing money.
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Well, if this could be considered a criminal offence, then you should be given a "sentence", like a long period of being banned. Permanently banned is a bit harsh, if you have changed your ways.
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Cheaters should be punished for modifiying their games, characters/classes etc.. You have an unfair advantage over others.

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