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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » Suggestions: Ideas that won't or can't happen (Please do not repost these)
Created: 2009-12-22 01:48:10
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Here you can find common suggestions we get on Points2shop. For various reasons, some of them can't or won't ever happen. Please read each before creating a new Suggestion topic. Any suggestion created that's already listed here will be locked or removed by a mod.

List of suggestions that won't ever happen:

  • Quests for thumbs ups - "Thumbs ups" in shout is not used for anything really. Too many people have abused it in the past that it's not worth counting and has been said that it won't be made into a quest.
  • Ebay integration - Pretty much has been denied before, due to the fact amazon works great and because Ebay isn't particularly trustworthy.
  • More offers for (Name of country)- The admins of points2shop try very hard to get as many offers as they can. The lack of offers for such countries is not because of the lack of effort, but because there aren't that many advertisers in such country. The suggestion to add more offers is not being ignored, it is just hard to get these offers
  • New users able to receive points donations- too much fraud as members with account issues would give points away, and also would have there friends join and have them send the 250 points bonus over. for that reason this wont ever happen
  • Merits conversion to Points/Cash value - Suggestion has been brought up countless times and simply isn't likely to happen due to earning them as an extra obtainable through the site. Realistically speaking, the funds would have to come from somewhere and that would be money out of the sites' pockets.
  • Receive Points on Birthday - Even if each member got just 1 point on their birthday the cost to the site would be huge (1 cent x 3 million = $30,000 per year) for that reason it won't ever happen.
  • Hiring volunteer members to work in support tickets - Points2Shop is a business not a community run project. There are some areas of businesses that need to remain in-house(Admin Only) and support is definitely one of them. A lot of companies suffer from delays in support when they have a sudden surge of emails/tickets/ busy periods such as Christmas. Points2Shop is not alone in this aspect.

List of suggestions that can't ever happen:
  • Faster offer approvals - Remember that advertiser's approve offers, not P2S
  • Conversion from points to cash - Please read this topic here it explains all
  • Points to Credit/Debit card - This is the same as Points to Cash conversion so can't happen.
  • Paypal Payouts using points - Has been said before that it won't happen, no need to ask anymore, for an explanation as to why read the sticky topic regarding points to cash.
  • Possibility of changing your username - Simply isn't possible due to technical limitations.
  • Amazon Prime for Free Shipping - Points2shop was able to offer this in the beginning, but since they changed their Amazon account to a business account, this is no longer possible.

List of suggestions that COULD happen but PROBABLY won't:
  • Multiple Shoutboxes - Has been suggested numerous times before, probably won't happen due to we would need way more moderators and the trouble wouldn't be worth it.
  • A shoutbox that you can POP OUT of the page so you can use it while your doing offers so you dont have to back and forth - This is technically very difficult to do, but it might or might not happen in the future.
  • Changes to Honour Requirements - This is a very common suggestion recently and the reason this suggestion will not happen ls because if the requirements are changed to allow for more earnings to count then the honours would become too easy to achieve. Honour is something that a member must earn through hard work and dedication.
  • Points/Cash on Spin2Win - This was available when the Spin2Win first started with prizes including 1,5 and 50 Points, however the inclusion of points caused a lot of issues with members claiming the Spin2Win was rigged (Spin2Win is a CHANCE game, For example: Your chance of winning a merit is high but you chance of getting a ticket is obviously lower). Many members also claimed many offers they had not completed just for the chance to play spin2win which of course affected the Approval Rate Rank on offers. Points is unlikely to ever return to Spin2win for those reasons.
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