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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » Four possible suggestions for P2S to consider.
Created: 2016-03-12 19:29:48
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I'd like to make four suggestions for those who make Points2Shop work. Note that I am unaware if these have been brought up by others in the past and I don't have enough time to look through all 86 pages on the suggestions page.
One: Add a "Search & Earn" function to the site. By this I mean a user would either do an X number of searches for X number of points a day or X number of searches a month for X number of points which would be rewarded at the end of the month. This is quite common on other point sites so it would be a good fit.
Two: A small number of points rewarded even if you fail a survey. Most likely I am not alone in the fact that on any given day I will fail 9 out of 10 surveys I participate in with most days being worse than others with no qualification at all. Considering we go through all that hard work only to get nothing to show for it is frustrating. When we do fail we should get something in return (somewhere between 2 to 5 points) so that our experience isn't a complete waste of time.
Three: Working videos. Lately whenever I try to watch a video on your site all I get is a blank screen and no points. This needs to be fixed.
Four: Drop Ipsos Interactive and Lab42 from your list of survey providers. Of all the surveys that often fail us for no good reason Ipsos & Lab42 are easily the worst offenders to the point that it's just obscene. Why anyone would continue to use these two broken failures is beyond me but it needs to stop. Dropping them altogether would make your users very happy.
Those are my ideas for your consideration. I don't know how many of them are possible for you to implement but I do hope you at least give them some thought. Thank you.
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They can't give a certain number of points for disqualifications. Their are millions of people on this site. P2S would go broke.

Lab42 is kinda unreliable sometimes, but also sometimes you can get lucky. I think it's a great thing to have.

As far as the search engine, I fear it may get abused. People will search random things they don't care about just for points.

P2S has no control over videos. Contact Virool or any other video wall.
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If you are getting blank videos it might be because you have an adblock extension installed and turned on. As lap said, you could always try to contact the video provider and let them know.

In the case of the Lab42 - Balance change: Lab42 - Daily Survey (Connect via Facebook or Twitter and complete survey) $1.00 in a few seconds. They still work and still have surveys. Yes, it can be annoying being disqualified for most of them but they do still work.

I get ipsos surveys all the time so if you are having problems with them then that is on your side and NOT P2S. P2S has removed previous survey hosts in the past if numerous people have issues with getting to even load surveys through a company.

They use to give points for DQing but too many people were purposefully getting DQed just to get the points from surveys they knew they didn't qualify for, thus P2S was losing money.

And finally the search and earn. They would have to contact hundreds if not thousands of companies to provide adverts while doing searches so that they could afford to pay people to perform searches. Not an easy task and it's a LOT of paperwork through those companies. Not a feasible option if you think about it.

This site has the best earning options for US and UK members and is always working with International companies to try and get more stuff for the International members. I've used numerous other GPT sites and have had way less success as I do here. Yes, they have bugs and issues, but every site does if they try to keep up with the ever changing times.
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I love this site even of your dont qualify for surveys thier still alot of other ways to earn like peanutlab is great and offers to do.
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I agree with all of these suggestions. Search and learn would be a great way to earn points! And a 1 point disqualification reward would be nice, especially because I don't qualify for so many surveys! It would be nice to get rewarded-even if it's only a point-for my time. For videos, I mostly use Jungroup because the rest don't work or credit, so that would also be nice. And lastly, I do get disqualified from so many Ipsos surveys and I don't have an account to link for Lab42, so I'm in favor of that too.

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