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Points2Shop Forums » Off-Topic » Get to know me before you judge about me..
Created: 2016-03-05 19:16:22
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When I'm sad and crying, you people think I'm creepy..but when I'm happy and full of joy you think I'm crazy..What is wrong with you people! I have eyes and ears..I can see and hear, although I wish I can't see or hear..So I won't have to listen to you people talking about me..calling me a freak, saying I'm creepy, saying I'm crazy. I am over joy when I am happy, because there's only very few times when I can feel that way. Why can't you just leave me alone? It hurts my feelings, it hurts my heart when I hear you guys talk about don't even know me! I've been through so much, you don't understand and will never know what I had faced! I'm still struggling in life, trying to live my life to the fullest, trying to be a better person than I used to be..When you guys talk about me, it makes me really sad and upset..I feel so left out already and you guys are making it worst for me, making it harder for me to fit in.. I know..I know I can never fit in with you heartless people! Because I have a heart and I have emotions,Unlike you people! It hurts so much..Even I hate myself...I just wish I would vanish from this life..always being called a creep, being called a weirdo and a freak...
I am a sensitive and emotional person, I didn't wish for me to be this way..God made me this way, I was born weak. I am hurted easily by just your words..It brings me down when others think of me in a bad way..I just want to be a normal person..a normal girl..I just want to live a normal life, making friends and enjoying life..I always try to stay and look happy..I hide my emotions most of time because I don't want to worry anyone! But sometimes I can't hold it in anymore because there's just too much...
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I'm sorry that you feel this way. Shame on whoever would talk about you like that. And you are right. Whoever would say stuff like that obviously knows nothing about you. People call you a freak? They're probably all freaks just for saying something mean like that. They shouldn't be judging. They should be the ones judged. Don't let people bring you down by the ignorant words that come from their mouths. Just remember, even if you don't like the way you are, you are perfect because God made you that way. And because I say so
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Don't ever let them bring you down you are a smart and a wonderful person and the reason why they say those things is because they have no life and not esle better to do than to bring people down and remember that you are a sweet and a wonderful person and don't forget that and don't even say how you are born weak and how your are always empty and alone because your not never let people bring you down and always be the sweetest and wonderful person that I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is the interwebz. Grow up a bit :p
or is this a poem? One of the two.
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