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Created: 2015-09-24 18:54:25
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Now Launched! Read below how you can earn 20% more on all your completed surveys

Hey all!

The team has been working on a new Chrome extension. The intention of this Chrome extension is to be able to record your browser session while completing survey studies. As you all know there could be a wide variety of reasons behind survey problems which are hard for our team to diagnose. We've been looking into ways to get more insight in what happens during those survey attempts / completes, which we can then use to communicate issues with studies to our survey clients (and take down problematic studies if needed). As there's so many studies these days, the help of the P2S community is essential, as it will allow us to cover a wide spectrum of studies. Obviously, as this will help us to get a better company and community, you will be receiving compensation for having this extension installed.

Please read below for more information:

Here's a couple of questions.

  • I want to earn more money; Please tell me how this works!
    Once you downloaded and installed the extension, you will have to login with your P2S username and password. After you successfully logged in, the Chrome extension will check whether you have started a study from our website. Once a session is started the browser will start logging the URL's as well as the content of the page. Once you hit our websites end page, which usually gives a message about whether you hit an over quota, term or complete, the session will end and the data is communicated to the P2S servers.
  • How can I see whether it's recording my browser session?
    A small icon will show in your Chrome browser. If recording, it will be green; if not it will be red.
  • Are you recording other data in my browser?
    No, we only record survey completes taken from P2S or other properties owned by P2S. If you visit non P2S sites, even when taking survey studies, these sessions will not be recorded
  • Who has access to this data?
    Only select P2S administrators will have access to this data
  • Can an Administrator see what answers I filled out, or see what I clicked?
    No, we only capture the URL and rendered browser content; we can't see what options are selected, nor can we see mouse movements, keyboard entries or anything that happens outside the browser.
  • What is in it for me?
    For your efforts of installing the extension, we will add 20% to the payout of any completed studies taken with the plugin enabled. At the end of the month, we'll check the completes you got with the plugin enabled and add an additional cash payment to your account.
  • If I use a different browser, will it still log my sessions?
    No, it will only log sessions when you start completing a survey from a P2S site or other properties owned by P2S
  • Am I allowed to install a separate version of Chrome just to take studies with this plugin?
  • Are you guys using this to check quality?
    No, this plugin will not be used to monitor quality or validate of responses given in studies
  • So... How can I opt in?
    Simple. Click here to go to the Google Chrome webstore page and install the plugin. Once installed, authorize your account by clicking on the extension icon and logging in within the extension. You're now good to go! You can check if it is enabled correctly by completing a survey and checking if the logo turns green once you enter the client portion of the survey.
Please keep an eye on any updates as we deserve the right to change terms, amount of participants and/or compensation going forward. Any future changes would be announced within this topic.

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions.
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I will download the new extension the day before it starts, if that is okay? :)

Looking forward to it!
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installed, cant wait to see what it will help!
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Whoa! Let me try! :D
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sounds great! Will this only work for chrome?
2010-11-08 21:00:17
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sounds great! Will this only work for chrome?alaneapen

That's correct.
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payments are on the schedule for Monday
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Is the extension is for all members? Or just uk and us?
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shame cannot order blocked again
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Can you download on your smartphone or just compiter?

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