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Created: 2015-09-13 23:36:48
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Quality Score FAQ

This topic should help members to understand the new quality score system and appreciate it's importance. It should highlight for members the reasons why they should take it seriously and aim for a high score with no reversals.

What is a quality score and why does it matter?

Your quality score is an indication of how accurate and well you perform in surveys. Everyone starts with a base score of 100, you do not want to go below 100 or ever lose any points. Quality scores matter because it is how admin are determining who is being honest and accurate in completing surveys. If you lose points due to various reasons outlined below you can be blocked from completing surveys. Therefore you should be taking your quality score very seriously.

How can I see my quality score?

You can view your quality score by going to the link below. It will show your total score and give you a breakdown of your score changes over time.

How can I improve my quality score?

You can improve your score my completing internal surveys, you will receive one point for each approved and paid survey.

Why has my quality score gone down?

Your score has gone down because a survey was reversed or you failed a quality control question. You may see the reason for a deduction at your quality score history page.

What's the maximum and minimum score I can get?

There is no maximum score, if you complete 1000 surveys then you can have 1000 points added. Remember, the higher your score the better. As for a minimum score, you start with a base of 100, to get to 0 you would have at least 5 deductions on your plate. So by that point you would be blocked from surveys. Don't worry about what your minimum score is, you don't want to ever lose any points or hit that minimum.

Why would an advertiser reverse a survey?

An advertiser can reverse a survey if they are not happy with the results. For example:
  • The information you provide does not match your demographics
  • You fail quality control questions
  • You speed through the surveys
  • You give untruthful answers
  • You do not give detailed answers where required or write nonsensical answers
  • It is clear you have given random answers (e.g on multi checkbox questions)
    This list is not exhaustive
Note: When we say they are not happy with your results, it does not mean you don't give them the answers they wanted. Such as, you didn't tell them product A was better than B.

I took a survey ages ago and it's only just been reversed/taken quality points from me, why?

Some research studies can run for a very long in order to collect the amount data they need. So they may not check data until all the data for their study is completed. Then remember they have to communicate with other parties to dispute the data provided to them, which adds more time.

I have not had any surveys in a while, am I blocked?

You may be blocked from surveys, although you may just be having a "slow survey day". Check your quality score history page, if your score is below 100 or you have had your score reduced you may have been put on a block. You can be blocked after just one offence (hence why you should take this seriously). Send a support ticket and admin will advise you from there.

Are survey blocks permanent?

It depends entirely upon the circumstances. Idealistically you should not be getting any survey reversals or failing control questions. Users should be focusing on completing all surveys accurately and honestly, paying attention to what they are answering.

I have a high quality score, if I get a few surveys reversed it doesn't matter right?

Having a high score does not mean you cannot get blocked. If you get surveys reversed or fail quality control questions you can still be blocked from completing surveys.

If I don't have a deduction in my last 100 surveys and it disappears of the list then it won't affect me in the future, right?

No. When admin consider your quality score history they look at it all. Just because it does not show on your end it does not mean that admin cannot see it or will not take it into account. So if you have deductions from 200 surveys ago and get another one, admin will still see that previous deduction as relevant. At the moment you can only see your past 100 changes, hopefully in the future this will change to give users a better picture of their history.

I had points wrongly removed, what do I do?

Whilst incorrect deductions are rare, you can send a support ticket to admin if you feel an incorrect deduction has been made. Admin will check for you and give you a final verdict.

Are there any advantages to a high quality score?

Yes, some survey providers may only accept users to take their surveys if they have a certain minimum score. This is determined by the individual survey providers, so aim for a high score to improve your chances.
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Thank you for posting this
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Thank you for the information! Very helpful :)
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My quality score is going good so far :)
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For me it was very useful information.
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I am thankful, shelb, for many of your postings. being able to access this info without contacting anyone, is something i can appreciate. you are a great asset to this site.
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Thanks for posting this. I am always paranoid about my score going down for being DQd
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