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Points2Shop Forums » Suggestions » Helper System for Int members
Created: 2015-08-26 01:31:01
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Would it be possible to allow gold international members to apply for HS, or at least look at it on a case to case basis? It is difficult to earn $100 for platinum from most countries aside from US/UK/CA. I want to point out Vikenpatel specifically. He is VERY helpful in shout, has been for a long time. But is gold. Advice rating is over 1k, almost twice what mine is. I believe he would make an excellent helper.

Poll: Should some int members be allowed in HS at gold?

Yep in some cases
Yep in all cases
No way man


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Yes. I think someone like Viken should be considered to be a helper.
I love how although he can not do much offer wise, he is always willing to help others earn.
If not a helper, I think he should be a mod.
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yes yes yes
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A big YES from me! He is a big help! Not to sound mean and not saying the Admins hasnt helped me but hes helped me more than the Admins. He is a great friend. The real deal.
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i dont want to turn this into a Viken love fest any more than it already is, but he is exactly the type of member who this suggestion should include, the HS would benefit from him & others like him included.
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That's a big NO.

Nothing against Viken.

It will be very unfair for those who worked really hard to get to Platinum. When I turned platinum there was no helper system to earn. Still I managed to get to platinum by completing tasks and surveys whenever possible. It took almost a year for me to get to platinum.

Let's be practical if INTL members get helper system at Gold level. Then I would like to raise the level of Elite for 5000 referrals instead of 10k for INTL members.(I believe not gonna happen)
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Old thread, I know, but this only got five written replies so (poll aside) so I feel a little more detail should be given behind the reason for my 'no' vote.

Can't believe I'd say something like this after not using the site for so many years, but I worked hard as a freshman in school to earn that elite honor level. Okay so you don't have as many offers to choose from as I do so your progress is automatically hindered since I'm from a first tier country, does that really mean you should get certain privileges?

While I can understand the grief here I don't think it's a suitable reason. I worked for my honor level, as did who knows how many have worked for theirs both before and after me. If international members are going to be getting special treatment then that will just cause a ruckus and cause people to feel like their honor isn't as (dear god...) 'special as it used to be'.

In addition, to quote agm from this thread on suggestions that shouldn't be brought up anymore, as a possible but unlikely candidate of mixing up the honor system there was this to say...

Changes to Honour Requirements - This is a very common suggestion recently and the reason this suggestion will not happen ls because if the requirements are changed to allow for more earnings to count then the honours would become too easy to achieve. Honour is something that a member must earn through hard work and dedication.agm1992

Surely in vikens case he might be an outstanding member that should be recognized for his assistance to new users, granting him access to the helper system and a new stream of payout however would be unfair to everyone who worked to that (platinum) honor level and would therefore be a disservice and some might say a slap in the face to all affected users who personally feel strongly about the requirements needed for such admittance.

In addition I also think that withholding such rewards for helping new members then depositing them into an unqualified members account after they have reached the necessary honor would be just the same as allowing them to receive their reward right after they were of the necessary honor would be just the same as the previous paragraph, except in this instance it would be more of a delayed gratitude.

While I would congratulate them for helping so many, I would suggest supplementing a certain number of merits per thumb but if I recall correctly such a suggestion was shot down many years ago due to duplicate accounts and possible farming.

Again I realize it's been dead for seven months, but on the bright side you have some additional thought out input and perhaps the boost back to the top would get some additional fresh input on the situation.
not sure if they have this or not yet but i think its a good idea since most int. users do benefit more from refs and this could just boost that part" "Some international members seem to be very good at referringDarkninja, Shelbinator

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