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Created: 2015-08-19 03:22:39
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Hi my name is Deanna. I have been a member for almost 3 years. Im not gonna say this site is super easy to earn points to get free stuff but it is WORTH IT! When I first started this site I didn't have any help from anyone so it made it difficult to learn the ropes of this site, which made me want to give up. but I didn't, I kept trying and trying and I learned everything on my own and now I LOVE it. Im glad I found a site like this. If you are new and don't know much about this site just know one thing, its legit so please don't give up so easily. Unlike most sites you have to earn wayyyy too many points before you can even get something you want, but this site just goes through amazon and other companies, so if you want something from amazon that's only 2 dollars well you only have to earn 200 points plus about 500 points to count for shipping but it takes almost no time make that many points.

Being a member for such a long time, I have learnt just about every way to earn points.


#1 DO NOT ASK ANYONE FOR POINTS! I promise that will be the first thing that gets you banned from this site forever. and don't even think that you can just make another account, because your IP address is saved and so they will know that its you.

#2 USAMP surveys are the EASIEST thing to earn points. I get approved for about 10 usamp surveys a day and most are between 75 and 100 points so that adds up super quick.

#3 after each survey or offer you complete, delete your history and cache and cookies. you will have a much better chance at getting approved for more offers.

#4 BE PATIENT! don't sign up thinking your gonna be able to get something free the same day. it takes time and patience to earn the amazing things you want on here. Doesn't take a long time but isn't super quick either.

#5 YOU CANNOT MAKE MORE THAN 1 ACCOUNT IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD. Only 1 account is allowed per IP address (household).

#6 JOIN A MERITS TEAM ! saving up your merits will help you in the long run. you can join a team and win contests to earn even more points !

#7 do your soop offers daily, it will give you 5 free points daily plus 50 merits. free and easy and only takes about 2 minutes to complete.

#8 ALWAYS ASK FOR HELP ! that's the only thing that kept me going on this site was asking for help. if I got confused or didn't know what I was doing I just asked for help and I never gave up and now here I am, getting about 1 free expensive item a month. & its sooooo worth it! so never ever give up. just ask for help.

Hopefully this information will help some of you new users. I will try to find more helpful tips and post a lot of them for you guys. Thanks for reading! comment and take the poll. look forward to seeing how some of my tips helped you new users.

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wow, great 'intro' Deanna :p
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And I never thought about #3 before but that is a really good tip.
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wow, great 'intro' Deanna :pStijn1234

Is that suppose to a sarcastic comment ?

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