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Points2Shop Forums » Proof » Proof: prism stickers
Created: 2009-11-12 01:27:00
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This is the BEST site ever

In my spare time Ive saved up 3000 points in 2 weeks! Great!
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3000 in 2 weeks is awesome! Well done and enjoy :)
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Woah 300 points in 2 weeks is amazing! Good work! :D

Congrats on your prize!
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congratz on your prize

yeah i got just over 1000 points im my first 2 days...sadly now they have slowed down for some reason :(
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1500 points a week? Ugh. I get maybe 200 a week if I'm lucky.
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Enjoy those stickers. LOL.
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yay! congrats! I got stickers for my first thing too! =]
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Wait, those are the prism stickers? I thought they were glittery stars and stuff. Oh well, glad you got the proof.

Keep up the good work. 3000 for two weeks is for sure above average on what people earn lol.
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awesome, congrats :)
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Am I spamming?
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