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Created: 2009-10-25 00:23:27
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ill keep an eye out for any good sites
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good idea (c)
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Good ideea
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I don't know how many people would be interested in this? Also, what sites offer movie download options?Matjong

I don't know about movies, but amazon does offer mp3 downloads.

Other than that you can get itunes gift cards and get them off itunes (although itunes doesn't have all the movies out there which is a bummer), I'm not sure what other sites there are out there that allow you to download movies legally, whether for a cost or not.

well Mat that was the idea i cant think of any other sites that use this feature.. that is what would make it unique as many other sites make you wait week after week to get a prize whereas here we could dl our prize moments after paying the points and i believe many people would love this idea. As cynister daid too you also could stem out to songs or other features. whatya think?

The problem with that though is there aren't many sites where you can do that from, and if there was a great one, I'm not so sure that they would accept the point system, therefore leaving you with cash only.

I support the idea though

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