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Created: 2009-10-24 22:28:40
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I think the new spin to win idea is good: it keeps people from getting tickets via spam comments. However, I think that you should remove the no prize option from the wheel. Tickets used to be guaranteed, now there is a chance that you don't win anything. I just think it would be better if there was an 100% chance of winning something.

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i agree with you, i keep getting the no prize one a lot, and its very annoying
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Yea thats a good idea lol i have gotten no prize 7 times and won 2 merits D: LOL I think we should get 1 Lottery ticket for every that approves! And with that offer that approves then you could play spin2win. =D
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yea even if they dont remove them all at least make it so there is only one on there i have seen like 3 on the wheel and that seems a little unfair but it is a great idea.. its funny how so many people complained when the new site was finally up but now applaud every minor change that admins introduce :)
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I will close this topic because I think we already have a similar topic:

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