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Created: 2009-10-20 21:13:38
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what do u think is the best game ever?

i feel the " cod" are great
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I like the GoW series and Left 4 Dead :D
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left for dead is hard lol :p
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I play cod 4 and 5 most of the times.
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This is a hard topic. Games are so different with all the different genres. So for that I'm going to categorize what I think is the best:

Racing - Gran Turismo
RPG - Final Fantasy
Platform - Little Big Planet
Action/Adventure - Uncharted/GOW
Shooting - Too much to pick one/two (But not Halo)
Horror - Resident Evil/LOD
Fighting - Tekken
Sports - NBA 2K (basketball is my main sport)
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Pokemon games are mintt!!! haha
Also, GTAs, Crash Bandicoots, GoW, CoD, Rock Band
And I really used to love the PS1 game Medievil
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I like the animation in Final Fantasy :]
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Final Fantasy series has to be one of the best, although its lost its way a bit with XIII
Bow ties are cool.
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NHL! I love playing hockey, so much action! There's also MW2 but I can't play that online it's boring I play split screen much more fun.
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Mortal kombat!
2010-07-24 09:03:42

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