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Points2Shop Forums » P2S Surveys and Offers » Manual Crediting of Non-Approving Offers
Created: 2014-12-23 20:55:46
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Manual Crediting of Non-Approving Offers

There has been some confusion and questions in shout in regard to non-approving offers. This topic should help clear up that confusion. The offers on the site are split into two different broad categories, each category is handled differently.

Internal Offers

Points2shop will not approve and manually credit your offers through a support ticket. Internal offers are those under this page of the site, basically any offer that appears like this one is an internal offer. Offers are approved automatically; Points2shop are not approving thousands of requests daily. It is automated; each offer has a tracking code and offer id in the link that helps system to credit your account.

In addition, unfortunately their advertising partners no longer allow them to accept non-credit requests for free offers, downloads, and mobile apps. If you have not received your payment, the survey may have been completed in less time than the advertiser had anticipated, causing the offer to go into manual review mode. Manual review can take many weeks to be fully checked into, and if no fraud was found, and no other reports are received, this advertiser will automatically apply credit to your account.

External Offers

Points2shop has no control over these offers approving and it is down to the individual wall providers to handle your non-credit requests. This applies to other external wall problems, you should always contact the provider before P2S. You should contact them via their individual walls, ideally with some sort of proof of completion. Give them the name of the offer and the date it was completed, simply saying 'my survey didn't approve' will not work.

:light: How to contact external walls:

Matomy - After 60 mins click Offer History then Inquire About This Offer.
Peanutlabs - Click Transactions at the top of the wall, then select the offer to report it.
Persona - Click Support, on the relevant offer click Missing Points?. Answer questions and add proof.
Radium One - Click Missing Points, select the non-crediting offer. There's a 14 day claim period limit.
Sponsorpay - No contact on their wall so use (sponsorpay's new name) to contact.
Super Rewards - Click Your pending Points to report.
Supersonic Ads - Click Total xxx earned then select the relevant offer to report.
Token Ads - Click Support, on the relevant offer click Problem?. Fill out the mini form and submit.
Trialpay - Click Click Support, on the relevant offer click contact support. Fill out the form and submit.

However remember that all offers approved by advertisers and therefore can take a few days to approve if they do not instantly. There can also be unforeseen problems such as tracking errors or survey glitches which prevent payment. Also make sure you don't have an adblock on as this can interfere with and prevent payments. Non-payments are incredibly frustrating but remember, Points2shop and external wall providers cannot pay you unless they have been paid or have the approval status themselves.

If any of the walls are no longer available on P2S, the support directions have changed or a new wall needs to be added then please comment below so we can update this topic.

Many thanks to LDParker2 for her help and time with this topic.
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Thank you for posting this!
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Good post! Very helpful. :) :thumbup:
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I like how this post was posted after I posted about my missing points...
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Great Information Thanks.
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Wow this is epic thanx alot iv looked for an arcticle as this for my questions thanx
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Thank you for sharing
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Are there any US external offer providers that are not included on this list? I have made it based off a UK wall, but the US probably has some different ones.

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